A small thing I wrote in the scary part of the night when I cant sleep. Insomnia literally sends me crazy, which probably explains this..

Anyway, Hermione x A secret person you will have to read to find out who! ;)
What happens if she works at Borgin and Burkes? ....
(I promise this is not too weird... maybe)


3. Newspaper


A local family taking an evening stroll last night were shocked to uncover a huge scandal, in the form of a dead body hastily concealed in a clump of trees in a remote part of the forest.

It is believed to be several weeks old, due to the skin, but shows signs of being well preserved as no smell alerted passing locals for so long. Even later, with sniffer dogs, police were unable to locate the body and had to call on two traumatized children to show them where it was.

Results are not yet back from the center (unfortunately to remain unnamed) where the body is being examined by a team of specialists.  However, Police and the family can confirm it was female and showed no signs of any brutal violence, fear or any outwardly visible wounds. Although later on, your reporter witnessed a shocking fact that would certainly disprove all of that in one go...

 The victim wore what was clearly a male shirt, and when it was pulled back, a scar on the arm was clearly visible though the blood was fading slightly. It said a word of some sort "MUDBLOOD"

What is both baffling and scary is the fact that according to emergency response... This scar should of long since healed over, as it was after all only a surface scar. Not a very deep cut.


Police are urging anybody who has any knowledge of this, to come forward at once. Witnesses are wanted and any other knowledge possible.










"Muggles aren't so stupid..." Said a pale faced man quietly to himself.  

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