A small thing I wrote in the scary part of the night when I cant sleep. Insomnia literally sends me crazy, which probably explains this..

Anyway, Hermione x A secret person you will have to read to find out who! ;)
What happens if she works at Borgin and Burkes? ....
(I promise this is not too weird... maybe)


2. Never tell

The Leaky Cauldron was full of gossip that night, Tom (the wizened and toothless old landlord) did many a roaring trade. People from all over town turned up, ordering many a drink and meal as they sat on their tables. He knew why of course, latest gossip from Borgin and Burkes. Everybody had turned out so discuss the new situation. 
"I had that's what the meeting was about..." Exclaimed one woman as she sipped her butterbeer whilst talking to her neighbour, a rather large man holding a Firewhiskey. 
"I think she is getting back what she did to that previous one." he replied, " whoever he was... That young man, just like her really." 
They were talking about the same thing everybody was, Miss Granger and a Mr Thomas Riddle. Nobody seemed to know who he was, but they had seen him turn up and seen him pottering around the shop. They all suspected something was amiss, and when Miss Granger announced she was leaving the shop to Mr Riddle, as she was leaving the Country... It was only a matter of minutes before the word spread and everybody came to the Leaky Cauldron to discuss this latest turn out of events.
"Did you know he was seen going into her rooms late at night?" a woman called, in a hushed voice, that (whether because the amount of her drink she had consumed, or simply because she was loud by nature) was really not that quiet or hushed at all.  
At this remark, the pub fell silent, till a sudden surge of people offered to buy her drinks. After she was presented with at least a dozen to start, she began to speak. Smacking her lips together eagerly.
"Well, he was always going up there now I think. Coming down before dawn mind, lights stayed on all night of course." She slurped her drink again, her entire audience held captive by the story. (Even Tom was no longer pretending to wipe down the bar) "But the night she decided all this... He went up there, and he didn't cone down." a collective gasp rang through the room. Miss Granger... Who would of thought...? 
"They had a business meeting." said a quiet voice from a corner near the fire. Heads swivelled to this voice, eager for it to finish. But it just reached for his drink and took another drink. 
"Yes, that was the story," snapped the woman, "and I daresay it's believable... But what business meeting runs through the night? And in the dark?" at this comment people started nodding, muttering amongst themselves. "Say what you like sir, but they were not just business partners." she seemed to deliberate for a moment before adding, "and I dont think Mr Riddle was just a romantic interest either if you ask me." Another large gulp of her drink, "I heard a scream." 

It was agreed by many that night, that whatever physical relationship the two had been involved in... One, or both, had also had other motives. It was the only explanation for the flash of green, but then again... Nobody saw that. 
And again, apart from the gossipers, nobody questioned what the woman said. It was decided they had been involved, and Hermione Granger had had a taste of her own medicine. 
The only one who knew otherwise, was the man sat by the fire. His pale face flickering under his cloak in the fires light. He knew because he was there. 

And he would also never tell.

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