A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


3. The Hogwarts Express

Back at home, it wasn't really much of an enjoyable stay. Jake was hidden up in his room, doing his homework, the twins were always playing practical jokes on the rest of the family, and Amy was just counting down the days until 1st September. But, the worst thing of all was that their parents would keep having hushed conversations, whether they were in the kitchen, or right in front of the children.

Amy hadn't forgotten her parents' conversation, about her getting into Hufflepuff. She was so worried, sometimes she would just sit and talk for hours about to Avis. Avis was what she called her barn owl, because that spell would shoot birds out of the end of your wand.

When it was nearing the end of August, Isaac and Simone tried to become more cheery, but failed misarebly. Sadly, Jake started coming out of his room more often, because he was getting owls from his so called 'friends', Logan, Dominic and Ethan. Charlie said that Jake had a loser girlfriend from Hufflepuff, which was really hard to believe.

When asked about their friends, the twins just said "We don't need friends; we've got each other."

"But, of course, you've heard of Fred and George Weasley! The 3rd year troublemakers!" said Adam, gleefully.

"They've taken us on as apprentices," said Charlie. "This year, we're using spells to cause trouble!"

"They kind of count as our friends, I guess," said Adam.

Disheartened, Amy went to bed for the last time before she went to Hogwarts. She spent nearly the entire night wondering whether she would get lost at Hogwarts, or whether she would get or her homework done, or if she would make any friends. Eventually, she fell into a deep, restless sleep.

The next morning, she was awoken by a BANG and a CRASH and lots of shouting. Amy hurried downstairs to see what was the matter; what she saw made her mouth fall open. Jake was standing there,  the fridge open, with black ink all over his face. Instantly, Amy knew this was Charlie and Adam's doing.

Isaac and Simone rushed downstairs, and began to laugh at Jake's state. Simone removed it and then the twins came running through the kitchen with 2 empty bags.

"Oh! I better go and check I packed everything!" exclaimed Amy. "Should I change into my robes now?"

"Yes, why not?" said Isaac.

"You tell me," said Charlie, and he roared with laughter.

Amy quickly got changed into her robes, which had a black tie, instead of a house tie. She put her wand in one of the inside pockets. Then, she put her books into 2 piles and her spare robes in one corner. She had a small bag of money, which she deposited into the furthest corner. Her cauldron was strapped to the bottom of the trunk, so it couldn't move around, and her other equipment was wrapped in socks.

They went in the same pairs for Side-Along Apparation, into a street nearby Kings Cross Station. They  had 4 trolleys, one for each child. Avis was piled on top of Amy's trunk. Every year, since she was 8, she watched her brothers run into the wall between Platform's 9 and 10. This year, it was her turn.

Jake, as usual, went first into the wall. He disappeared to the other side. Amy went second. She walked towards the wall, and then broke into a run- and ran straight through it. In front of her, there were loads of students walking around, with owls and cats and god knows what else. Behind all of them, there was a large train, filled with compartments, that was billowing smoke from its scarlet engine. Quickly, Amy extracted her money bag, so she could get some food from the trolley.

A second later, the twins joined her, and they gave their trunks to a burly man. Amy carried Avis into the twins compartment, but-

"No way! We can't be seen with a first year! Fred and George will kill us!" shouted Adam. So, instead Amy found an empty compartment, and sat in there alone for quite some time. After a while, four boys and 2 girls came and sat in the compartment with her. They took more of a shine to her when she bought some Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, with her money.

"So," said the brunette girl. "Who are you?"

"I'm Amy Matthews. And you are?"

"Daniella Monta, and this is Mollie Stormer." She nudged the curly haired girl next to her.

"Hang on," said a black haired boy. "Is your father the Seeker of the Tutshill Tornadoes, Isaac Matthews?"

"Yeah," Amy replied.

"Wow," said the smallest boy. "Imagine what your Quidditch skills must be like."

All four boys introduced themselves; the black haired boy was called Darren. The smallest boy was called Tobias. A tall kid was called Oliver and the skinny kid was called Thomas. Amy shared out all of her sweets, and happily munched on them, until the train gradually stopped.

It was madness; feathers were flying everywhere and bits of parchment were floating around Amy grabbed Avis and headed out of the compartment. From the distance, she could here someone shouting "Firs' years!" but couldn't see who.

Then he came into view; a half giant, at least 7 or 8 foot tall. She could see people gasping at him from all around her. A small black haired boy and a ginger boy were standing in front of him, gobsmacked. The half giant lead the first years to a selection of boats, which they were meant to cross the lake in.

Daniella and Mollie found Amy and they jumped into a boat. A blonde girl got in with them.

"Hey," she said, dreamily.

"Hi," Amy said. "What's your name?"

"Jenna Ology" she replied.

"Cool, I'm Amy, this is Daniella and Mollie." said Amy, pointing at each of them in turn.

Mollie, who hadn't spoken before this, said "What house are you guys getting in?"

"Gryffindor," said Amy.

"Hufflepuff," said the other three.

"Why would you want to go to Gryffindor?" asked Mollie.

"Because my whole family is in there, and they've put a lot of pressure on me to get in there."

By the time they'd finished their conversation, the boats were nearing the shore. All the students got out of the boats, and filed into the Entrance Hall. A thin teacher was waiting for them there.


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