A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


5. Settling in

Just as Amy finished her letter, someone walked into the dormitory. Amy turned to see who it was. It must have been Rachel or Charlotte, because she didn't recognise her. They sat on Rachel's bed, so it must have been her.

"Hey," Amy said. "What's your name?"

"Hi," she said, timidly. "I'm Rachel Harver. And you are?"

"Amy Matthews," said Amy. She sat down on her bed, and got the Standard Book of Spells out of her trunk. Jenna came in next.

"Hi, Amy!" she said brightly. "We were on the same boat together, remember?!"

"Oh yeah," said Amy.

"You were the one that wanted to get into Gryffindor! At least you got into Hufflepuff!"

Amy grunted in reply. Daniella, Mollie and Charlotte all came in last. Everyone introduced themselves, told them what blood types they were, and sat on their beds. Mollie was next to Amy, and Amy faced Daniella. Mollie, Rachel and Amy were pure bloods, while Daniella was a half blood and Jenna and Charlotte were Muggle-borns.

Charlotte walked over to Amy's desk. She grabbed the letter off the desk and began to read Amy's letter-

"Dear Mum and Dad, I'm very sorry to tell you I'm in Hufflepuff. I understand if you want to shun me!"

"Give that back!" shouted Amy, grabbing for the letter. Charlotte snatched it out of the way. Amy remembered one of the spells that her parents had cast the other night. She grabbed her wand from her robes.  And then-

"Tarantellgra!" Charlotte's legs did an odd sort of dance.

"Wow! That's an advanced piece of magic for someone who hasn't had a first lesson!" said Rachel.

"Finite Incantantum!" said Amy. Charlotte stopped wriggling, and collapsed on the floor.

"You shouldn't be in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor," she spat. "You should have been a Slytherin. All you 'pure' people go there. Thats where you deserve to be."

"SHUT UP!" screamed Amy.

"SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERIN!" chanted Charlotte, screaming louder than Amy.

"GET LOST,YOU MUDBLOOD!" Amy shouted. She didn't realise what it meant, as her father dropped the name casually, whenever Cornelius Fudge was mentioned. But, everyone stopped. Charlotte burst into tears. Daniella tried to comfort her, and shot scornful looks her way.

At least Rachel and Mollie sided with her. Jenna slept through the shouting and screaming, and had only just reawoken. Rachel was impressed with the magic and Mollie disliked Charlotte. A Prefect burst in the room.

"I heard shouting," she said.

"Well, Amy here, was demonstrating some magic she picked up off her parents" said Rachel.

"Let's see then," said the Prefect.

"Same or different one?" asked Amy.

"Different if you can think of one," piped up Mollie.

Amy pointed her wand towards the Prefect. And then-

"Petrificus Totalus!" she shouted. The Prefect froze and fell over.

"Amazing!" said Mollie and Rachel together.

Amy blushed. She decided to go to bed, with the other girls. Tomorrow would be her first few lessons at Hogwarts. Eventually, the girls drifted into an uneasy sleep.

They were awoken at 7am by Avis' hooting. Amy ran over to him and gave him a treat, and then attached the letter to her parents to him.

"Ok, Avis, this goes to Mum and Dad," said Amy, softly. "See you soon." Another owl came through the window, just as Avis left. Oswald, Charlie's owl. The letter read-

Dear Amy,

Jake has decided to pretend you don't exist. So has Adam. It doesn't matter what house you're in to me, you're still my sister. They don't like you because they don't see how we can shun Mum. The true horrors of that curse are only seen to us, for some reason.

Love you,


Tears began to form in Amy's eyes, but they evaporated when Mollie woke up. A house tie had appeared next to Amy's bed, with a grey jumper that had yellow stitchings around the V neck and the bottom. Amy got dressed into her robes and then wrote a letter back to Charlie-


Can you act as my guide through Hogwarts? I never really like Jake and Adam much away, but don't tell them that. I've sent a letter to Mum and Dad about me getting into Hufflepuff. Plus, you won't believe this, but a girl in my dorm read my letter, so performed a spell on her. Tarantellgra, I think it's called. Anyway, can I meet you outside the Great Hall at 7:30am?

Thanks, Amy.

She sent Oswald back to the Gryffindor tower. All the while, Mollie had watched her write the letter. Mollie shrugged apologetically and got dressed. No one else had woken up yet. Amy checked the time; it was nearly 7:30. Charlie had drawn her out a map of Hogwarts, before she came here.

She used it to find her way back up to the Great Hall. There, she saw Charlie and Adam, standing outside, with a cluster of Gryffindor third-year girls. Adam looked up, and saw Amy, and left to go in the Great Hall. Charlie drifted away from the group to join Amy.

"Hey," said Charlie. "How you holding up?"

"Pretty good," said Amy. "I didn't mean to duel Charlotte, in my dorm."

"Well, at least you're not a Slytherin!" Charlie said, brightly. "Otherwise the whole family would have disowned you."

"Stop it!" said Amy, teasingly. They entered the Great Hall together. Amy went to the table second from the right and Charlie went to the table second from the left. Amy sat next to Darren, and Mollie sat opposite, next to Rachel.

"How are you liking Hufflepuff, Darren?" asked Amy.

"Not so much. There's five of us in there, including me. There's Gabriel, Mason, Justin and Ernie. They're a bunch of girls, really." he said, glumly.

"Well, I put a spell on someone in my dorm, so it can't be that bad. Oh, by the way, this is Mollie and Rachel," said Amy. She pointed at them in turn.

"At least you have friends," he said. "All the boys on the train went into Ravenclaw, and one kid that looked cool went into Slytherin. I can't be friends with a Slytherin, my family would kill me!"

"Do you have brothers and sisters at school?" Amy asked.

"Nope, just one little sister, who's coming up next year!"

Owls began to swoop into the Great Hall from the roof. Amy saw Avis swooping down towards her. He landed next to the toast, and began nibbling a bit. Amy stowed the letter in her pocket, and decided to read it later. She helped herself to bacon and sausage, as the thin teacher, or Professor McGonagall, as she found out she was called, handed out the timetables.

"Oh, we've got double Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Potions and double Transfiguration. Not bad!" exclaimed Mollie. They ate their breakfasts and headed to their first lesson. Defence Against the Dark Arts was located on the 3rd floor corridor. The first years entered the class very nervous. The teacher was even more nervous. He stuttered and trembled more than the students.

"H-hello c-class" he said. "T-today-y w-we w-will b-be d-doing a t-test t-to s-see-e w-what y-you k-know." said Professor Quirrel.

Next to Amy, stood Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She looked sideways and almost jumped out of her skin. Harry Potter! Harry Potter! It seemed to chant in her head. Each student got to take a turn to perform spells or knowledge of the Dark Arts.

Harry, of course, went first. He came out looking pretty happy. His friend went in next, but he didn't look so happy. Rachel went in after. She looked pleased. Then it was Amy's turn. Quirrel was sitting in a chair with a text book open.

He nodded in indication for Amy to start. He stood up, so she could perform spells on him.

"Tarantellgra!" He did a dance.

"Stupefy!" He was blown backwards.

"Densaugeo!" His teeth were enlarged. He reversed the spells himself, and let her go. She grinned at Mollie as she came out and entered the smaller classroom next door. It was full of the people who had already done their magic. Amy plucked up the courage to go and speak to Harry and his friend.

"Hey," she said. "I'm Amy Matthews."

"I'm Harry and this is Ron," said Harry.

"Hang on, is your dad called Isaac Matthews?" said Ron.

"Yeah, the seeker of the Tutshill Tornadoes," said Amy.

"Wow! Your Quidditch knowledge must be really good!" exclaimed Ron.

She smiled, and they both smiled back.


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