A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


9. New friends

It was a cold and bitter Sunday afternoon, two weeks before Christmas, when Mollie and Rachel told Amy why they had been ignoring her;

"Rachel, you tell her," said Mollie.

"Well, it's like this; Charlotte began to pay us four Galleons a month to not speak to you. We refused at first, but then we realised we wanted the money," explained Rachel.

"But Charlotte's gone! Hannah Abbott has taken her place!" exclaimed Amy.

"Daniella's doing it now," said Mollie. "She also got her sister to put a Tongue-Tying Curse on us, if we say anything nice to you,"


Jenna comes into the dormitory, looking bewildered.

"But-" says Mollie.


Amy puts her arm round Jenna, and they both walk out of the dormitory.

Lessons were a lot more awkward now. Amy normally sat next to Mollie or Rachel in all lessons. She asked all the teachers if she could move next to Darren or Jenna. All of the teachers said yes, apart from Professor Snape, because he was, she decided, evil.

The next obstacle to contend with was whether or not she was going home for Christmas. Her parents hadn't sent any letters to her at all over the four months she'd been at Hogwarts. Charlie had said he wouldn't go if Amy didn't go.

She decided to send a letter to her parents:

Dear Mum and Dad,

Please send something back with my owl. I have to know if I'm coming home for Christmas or not. Charlie isn't going if I don't. It's just that you haven't spoken to me at all over the four months I've been here. If I'm not coming home, I'll see you at Easter or at Summer.

Please send a note back with Avis or Oswald,

Love Amy.

She rolled up the parchment and attached it to Avis. Mollie and Rachel came in, holding something behind their backs.

"We've got you a present," said Rachel, timidly.

"That doesn't change the fact that you betrayed me," growled Amy.

"My brother in 5th year got me sweets and chocolate, but I'm giving it to you," said Rachel.

Mollie produced the basket of chocolates and sweets. Inside, there was Chocolate Frogs, Droobles Best Blowing BubbleGum, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Fizzing Whizbees, Cauldron Cakes, Sugar Quills and many, many more.

"I will accept this," said Amy. Mollie and Rachel looked excited. Amy took the basket, and put it in her trunk. "But, I would like to keep this simple; we're no longer friends," Amy turned away, and began to do the Potions essay. They looked shocked at first, but after half an hour of pleading, they eventually left.

After school, one day, they saw Hagrid dragging enourmous trees, from the Forbidden Forest, up to the castle. Professor Flitwick then waved his wand, and the trees flew into the Great Hall.

The morning after that, the First Years realised that they were Christmas trees. There were 12 in all. There was one for each house (red, blue, green and yellow), and the rest were silver or gold. Many students were going home for Christmas, so they would miss the fun of it.

"Hey, Jenna!" said Amy, one morning. "Are you going home for Christmas?"

"No, um not this time," she said, quietly. It sounded like she was about to cry.

"Jenna, come on, lets go back to the common room, I need to talk to you about something," said Amy. Jenna shrugged and left with her, carrying some bacon and sausages.

Amy tapped the rhythm of 'Helga Hufflepuff' on the correct barrel and the tunnel swung open. They sat down next to the fire on the plushy chairs, and they began to talk.

"Look, Jenna, I can tell you were about to cry back there, so tell me what's the matter," said Amy.

"It's nothing. It happened a long time ago," she replied.

"I will tell you a secret of mine..."

"Ok, ok. My parents died when I was a few months old, by the same guy that killed Harry's parents. I was hidden in a wardrobe, so he didn't find me. An orphange then took me in, but they had no idea that I was a witch," Jenna explained.

"Would you like to hear my secret?" Amy asked.

She nodded, and then burst into silent tears.

"I have three brothers. Charlie, Jake and Adam. Jake and Adam have ignored me the whole time I've been at Hogwarts, because I got into Hufflepuff. So have my parents."

"That's terrible!" said Darren, walking into the common room. "How do you live with it?"

"I just forget," she replied. Amy was really glad all of these secrets were out. She felt closer to Jenna than she felt to her mother or father.

It was now a week before Christmas. Amy was still waiting for Avis to return from her parents. It was during History of Magic that he tapped on the window with his claw. Making sure the ghost teacher wasn't looking, Amy climbed on her desk and opened the window. Avis flew in, dropped the note and then flew back out the window to the Owlery.

The note read:

Dearest Amy,

Sorry we haven't been able to contact you over the past four months. Charlie said he's not coming unless you do, so I guess we have to have you over for Christmas. All the family are coming over. All the Gryffindor family, anyway.

Love Mum and Dad.

Amy was really shocked at their letter. It almost sounded as if they didn't even want her over. They wanted her over because of Charlie. Because he was a Gryffindor and she wasn't.

"Professor Binns," said Amy. "I don't feel well. Can I go to the Hospital Wing?"

He looked stunned, but nodded slowly. Amy left and ran as fast as she could to Charlie's lesson, Charms. She knocked on the door.

"Hello?" came a squeaky voice. Amy entered the room.

"Hi, Professor, can I borrow Charlie for a minute?" she asked politely. He also nodded slowly. Charlie left the room, looking puzzled.

"Read the letter;" said Amy. Charlie's eyes got wider and wider as he read through the note.

"Amy, this is terrible!" he shouted. "You can't possibly go now! I'm not going now."

Amy hugged her brother. She was really glad that she had someone that knew, sort of, what was going on.

"Our parents have a secret that I found out from Jake," he whispered. "Our mother, who trusts Jacob Matthews the most, told him that she used to be a Hufflepuff too,"

Amy's whole world span around. Her life was built on lies. She had hatred for her mother anyway, but now... now it was much more.


"That is true," he said. "Come on now, you, get back to class,"

Charlie went back into his own classroom. Amy knew where she had to go next; Jake. He had Care of Magical Creatures, as he made Amy study his timetable before going to Hogwarts. She ran all the way down to the grounds, and almost in to Hagrid.

"Can I borrow Jake Matthews for a few minutes?" she asked, timidly.

"Well, o' co'rse you ca'!" boomed Hagrid.

"What do you want?" he asked.

Jake followed Amy to the Herbology greenhouses. Jake was looking suspicious.

"You knew that Mum was a Hufflepuff and you didn't think to tell me?!" she said, angrily.

"She put a spell on me to never tell you," he said.

"Why? Does she hate me?"

"She knew that you would turn out like her,"

"That makes sense... all the males of the family are Gryffindor, and the females are Hufflepuff!"

"Yeah... so, are you going to Mum and Dad's?" he asked.

"Read the note..."

Jake's eyes became full of sorrow when he read the letter. He also hugged Amy.

"I can't go now either.... perhaps I can talk some sense into Adam, so none of us will go," he wondered aloud.


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