A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


13. Leaving home

She came across Jake standing near the Herbology greenhouses, with his girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater who's in Ravenclaw. They'd stopped kissing once they'd seen Amy standing there, looking slightly worried.

"Where are we going to stay for the six weeks holidays?" Amy demanded to know.

"Well, Professor Dumbledore spoke with Dad and he said we should stay with..." he mumbled.

"Who?!" Amy bellowed.

"We're staying with our cousins, Henry and Jasmine in Little Hangleton," said Jake, unhappily. 

"WHAT!" Amy screeched. A few second year Slytherins jumped and scurried away. "They're a horrible couple! And in Little Hangleton of all places!" 

She stormed away angrily. At least she wouldn't have to spend Christmas or Easter with Henry and Jasmine, and their snotty little daughter Emily. Emily was a spoilt brat, who got whatever she wanted. Amy and Charlie had laughed for weeks when they found out that Emily was a Squib and couldn't go to Hogwarts. She had kicked up a fuss, having tantrums and forcing her parents to go and speak to Dumbledore about letting her in the school. This incident only happened a year ago, and Emily was unlikely to forget that Amy had got into Hogwarts and she hadn't.

Still angry, she stomped into the Hufflepuff common room and slouched into a puffy armchair near the fire. There was no homework or friends to distract her, as they were probably going to dinner or down by the lake. Her stomach grumbled, but she wasn't going to move to go to the Great Hall. Instead she climbed through the tunnel to her dormitory and ate some Chocolate Frogs. 

Amy pretended to be asleep as Mollie came in to collect a book. Mollie looked at Amy, scowled, and left the room hurriedly. She was glad that Charlotte had left, and Hannah Abbott had replaced her. Daniella, she didn't notice at all but her main enemies were Rachel and Mollie, even though it was only several months ago that they had been the best of friends. Now, Amy had her new friends, Jenna and Darren. Darren was a scruffy, short boy with black hair and bright blue eyes and Jenna was a short, neat girl with short curly blonde hair. They weren't the coolest people Amy would've chosen to hang with, but they were definitely the nicest people she had ever met. Often, Darren's friends Tobias and Oliver of Ravenclaw joined them in the courtyards or in the grounds.

The reality of going to Henry and Jasmine's house was becoming true. Amy began to pack her equipment away, wishing she could fast forward the six weeks holidays and start her second year. She was going to miss the castle itself most of all; all it's secrets and mysteries all the lessons; the teachers; her friends.

Amy, Jenna and Darren boarded the Hogwarts Express, looking sad and glum. They found an empty compartment and sat in silence, together. The tea trolley came round at halfway, and Amy bought them a stack of Cauldron Cakes and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Tobias and Oliver came in as well, eyeing the stack of cakes greedily.

"Amy, Jenna," said Darren, suddenly. "You must come round over the six weeks holidays!"

"That would be nice, Darren, but I'm not sure the orphanage would let me visit..." Jenna muttered.

"Maybe..." said Amy, wistfully. She really wanted to go to Darren's home, but Jasmine was rather strict and Henry was rather stupid.

It was Amy who first saw Platform 9 and 3/4. They changed out of their robes and into some Muggle clothes, just as they reached the station. Amy grabbed Avis' cage and exited the train. A train attendant handed Amy her trunk and then she got in the queue to go back to King's Cross Station. She left the Platform with Darren and Jenna, without having one last glimpse of the train. 

Charlie, Adam and Jake were waiting for her with Henry and a sulky Emily. 

"There is a Portkey waiting for us at the Leaky Cauldron," snapped Henry. "So we'd better hurry up!"

Amy turned to Darren and Jenna, waved and walked away, into the Muggle world.

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