A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


11. Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw

Not many people cared about the upcoming match between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, as them houses were normally very friendly towards each other. It was mentioned a few times, after Christmas once everyone had come back from holidays, but it wasn't a point of interest. January was always a bitter month, as nothing good ever happened during it.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had become a lot more cheerful, after Hermione explained to Jenna and Amy what they had found out:

"Well, it's rather simple, actually. I was doing some light reading, you know, the usual, and I came across this large and ancient book... well, inside we found out about someone named Nicholas..." she began to explain, but stopped immediately as Professor Snape swished past them, eyeing them wearily.

They then departed for Transfiguration, where Professor McGonagall tried to teach the students to transform a sock into a hat. Amy and Jenna were excitedly chattering about the upcoming Quidditch match, in the corner. Darren tried to join in the fast conversation, but failed. 

"What tactics do you think they would use?" whispered Jenna.

"I really hope someone uses the Wronski Feint, that looks so cool!" Amy replied.

"Well, if Miss Ology and Miss Matthews are finished talking, perhaps we can get on with class!" said the Professor, angrily. "Five points from Hufflepuff!"

Jenna looked as if she was going to faint. She had never been in trouble before. Amy only had gotten one detention before, but that was from Professor Snape, because she had left her essay on the properties of moonstone in the common room. 

"S-sorry, Professor. W-won't happen again," Jenna squeakily replied.

"Anyway, I shall continue," said McGonagall. "The spell is usually the same for all types of clothing, but only the last word changes. Now, repeat after me: Soccum Cappello!"

The students all tried it. Jenna's and Hermione's turned out perfect, of course. Hermione turned her green sock into a little beret. Jenna turned her white sock into a helmet. Amy's had gone ok, but she had turned her red sock into a fez. Seamus Finnigan, of course, reduced his sock into smithereens. Ron's got stuck halfway, into a hat shaped sock. 

"Enough, students, enough!" McGonagall cried, desperately trying to stop a fire breaking out. "That will be all for today, you may go," 

Amy was surprised she had let them out so early, but by the looks on her face, it looks like she was being strained. There was a secret she wasn't telling anyone. All the other teachers seemed to be under quite a lot of stress these days. Jake said he hadn't seen them like this before.

She, Jenna and Darren wandered the corridors for a while, before deciding to stop off at the library. Madam Pince, the librarian, seemed to be helping a sixth year Ravenclaw, so she wasn't paying attention to the young Hufflepuffs. Amy saw that the Restricted Section's door was open... and without realising, she went in.

It looked really similar to the normal library, apart from it was obviously for older students and teachers. Most of the books rattled or murmured. Some had chains, others had teeth. She was especially intrigued by a small book that didn't look like it belonged there. She opened it, and realised why it didn't belong there.


Amy's eyes widened. It was Sirius Black that was screaming. There was no pictures in the book, just screaming. No words. Just screaming. 

Quickly, Amy threw the book on the floor and ran out of the library. Darren and Jenna looked concerned, but followed her anyway. Amy just kept running. She had no idea where she was going. Sirius Black used to scare her a lot when she was younger. Charlie and Adam used to creep in her room at night and pretend to be him. Now, that she was older, it scared her even more.

"Amy... are you ok?" Darren asked cautiously, not wanting to make Amy jump. Jenna and he had followed her all the way to the 7th floor, near Gryffindor tower. 

"Yeah. I'm fine, I'll get over it, it just sorta scared me..." she mumbled to no one in particular.

"We understand," said Jenna, soothingly. 

"I'm going to wait here... for one of my brothers. It's nearly lunch, so they should come back," Amy said. Jenna and Darren nodded, and they went down to the Great Hall. 

Amy's mind wandered back to Professor McGonagall, and the big secret the school was holding. It could be anything, from a large spider to a three headed dog. How absurd, she thought.

Charlie skidded to a halt when he saw his younger sister sitting outside the Fat Lady's portrait. Carefully, as if not to startle her, he sat next to her. Luckily, the Fat Lady herself had fallen fast asleep, so nothing could disturb the troubled siblings.

"What is, Amy?" he asked, tenderly. "Are you missing Mum?" Amy glared at him, and he chuckled.

"It's just... a book I found," she mumbled. Charlie's eyes widened. "About Sirius Black. Well, there weren't any words, just screaming. He screamed about Peter Pettigrew and the 13 Muggles," she sniffed. 

Charlie understood. He too had witnessed Amy's horror whenever Sirius Black was mentioned or seen. Silently, he hugged her. Other students came past, and began to scoff. Charlie, bravely, explained that Amy was his sister. They nodded as they saw their resemblance.

Eventually, Amy went to the last lesson of the day, which was Charms. This was the most relaxing lesson, even if they did get homework everyday.

That Saturday was the match between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. It was considered a friendly match to all the houses, but it had a pretty good turnout. The last week of January turned out to be a rainy one. Hufflepuff's team was drenched as soon as they got outside. They all had to wear goggles.

There was a loud shout, and students began to file into the stadium. Quidditch was always an exciting topic between students, but it seemed more real when it was her Amy's Dad's team playing. But, Hufflepuff had won the Quidditch Cup... over 10 years ago. Oh well, there's a first time for everything! Amy thought.

A whistle blew and the teams lifted off the ground. The commentary made by Lee Jordan was unheard over the gales. It seemed that Hufflepuff possessed the Quaffle. Jenna kept nudging Amy, asking what that player was doing, and what was going on. 

A Ravenclaw Beater had hit the Bludger towards a Hufflepuff Chaser. She tumbled to the ground, and landed with a large thud. No one saw it, as the fog crept up on the players. During that game, there were so many fouls, but no one even saw them. 

At half time, whenever that was, the score was 50-30 to Hufflepuff. Amy's chest swelled up with pride for her house- as long as Ravenclaw didn't catch the Snitch, then Hufflepuff would win.

She must have jinxed it- literally. As soon as they got back on the pitch, Ravenclaw caught the Snitch. The Hufflepuffs groaned in aggravation. The Ravenclaws cheered and waved their banners about excitedly.

Angry, the three Hufflepuffs retreated back to the common room.

"Their tactics weren't good enough!" moaned Amy. "They just didn't pass to each other, no teamwork there-"

"As if you're the Quidditch expert!" snapped Darren. "Just because your father is in the Tornadoes!"

"I've learnt about Quidditch since I was a KID!" she exclaimed. "So, MAYBE it does make me an expert!"

"Calm down!" Jenna muttered. "Both of you!"

Overreacting, Darren stalked out of the room, muttering under his breath about 'girls'. Jenna shrugged, and buried her nose in her new favourite book, Tales of Beedle the Bard. Amy groaned. Jenna could sit there for hours, whilst Amy just talked at her.  She decided to go and find some other people to hang with for a while.



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