A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


7. Halloween

Halloween was a big event at Hogwarts. Students began to try and scare each other and play more practical jokes. Most of these were Amy's brothers, because Fred and George decided to take a break. Alot of the time, you could see Harry, Ron and Hermione huddled around the third floor, listening at a random door.

"It's not fair," Amy heard Charlotte say, to anyone who would listen. "How comes Harry gets all the attention? They should be more focused on me! He's nothing special!" She would brag on and on about this for hours at a time. One night, Amy had had enough. She forget that she was in the common room.

"Look, Charlotte, your not doing so good in your grades, and you haven't exactly done anything at all in your life!" shouted Amy.

"Just because your Dad is the Seeker for the Tornadoes doesn't make you special!" Charlotte said.

"I'm talking about Harry Potter! THE BOY WHO LIVED! He has done stuff!"

"Like bring the downfall of You Know Who? I could do that!" she screamed.

"You're asking for a Jinx," Amy growled.

"Come at me, I've studied Curses and Counter-Curses!" she screamed.

"So have we," said Mollie and Rachel.

Before Charlotte could even draw her wand, Mollie fired a powerful Body-Bind Curse at Charlotte. She toppled backwards, just missing the fire behind her. A brave third year shouted-

"What are you doing? You're a first year, you don't own the place!"

"Do you want to be cursed too?" snarled Amy. The boy shut up. Amy, Mollie and Rachel ran down the tunnels to their dormitory, before they heard deep voices in the common room. No one, apart from Darren, Jenna and Charlotte herself knew their names.

"We're dead," said Mollie. "We may as well say goodbye to this place,"

"We nearly made it 2 months, it was a good run," said Rachel, glumly.

"I shouldn't have lost my temper with her. It's my fault. If anyone goes, it should be me," said Amy, quietly. They argued back and forth about this for hours on end, until Jenna came in with 10 books with her. They decided to do their homework, rather than squabble about who done it.

The next day was Halloween. What they had done was fortunately kept between Hufflepuffs only, but you could always see one of them pointing at Amy, Rachel and Mollie. Charlotte had still not recovered from the powerful Body Bind Curse. Madam Pomfrey was not able to unlock her, because there was a potion needed that was (sadly) brewed by Professor Snape.

After the lessons that Friday, there was a massive Halloween Feast. All four tables were lined with all types of cakes and sweets and lollipops. The air was filled with floating pumpkins and the ghosts made a special effort to scare people. Dumbledore got up, made a small speech, then the Feast commenced. veryone began to stuff their faces. Amy was already full halfway through. Then-

"TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! I thought you'd want to know," screamed Professor Quirrel. He then fainted after this.

Chaos exploded in the Great Hall. Loads of people were screaming and shouting and God knows what.

"SILENCE!" shouted Professor Dumbledore. The whole room stopped. "Prefects, take your students up to their dormitories, and teachers, follow me down to the dungeon," . 

The havoc stopped and Prefects began to bustle around, looking all important, whilst older students scurried around trying to get a look at the troll. First years were lead done first. Out of the corner of her eye, Amy saw Harry Potter and Ron Weasley talking then run the other way.

"Hermione!" Amy said. She had been crying in the toilets all afternoon, because of something Ron said. Amy, Mollie and Rachel had visited her as often as they could, but she wouldn't come out of her cubicle.

The Prefect now left them to collect the other students. Mollie tapped the rhythm (correctly, luckily) and the first years entered the common room.

"How did it get in? Trolls are dead stupid, so it can't of got in by itself," said Amy.

"Someone may have let it in," said Rachel.

"Who?" asked Amy.

"Snape," replied Mollie.

"No! He's a teacher! Why would he do that?" exclaimed Amy. Mollie shrugged and they went off to bed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" screeched a voice from down the tunnel. Every student leapt out of bed and went to see what was the matter.

Two sixth years (male and female) sat on the sofa together, stunned. Another 3rd year girl had also been stunned and had obviously let out the horrific scream. Coversation broke out amongst students. Who did it? Why did they do it? What were the students doing there in the first place? Would the Stunner return?

Professor Sprout came back and reversed the spells on the students. They were taken to the staff room for questioning.

"Students, you must return back to your beds," said Professor Sprout.

Nobody slept that night. Amy tossed and turned all night, but couldn't go to sleep. Jenna was the only one that slept. You could hear muffled voices from the other rooms.

News always spread through the school like fire; Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had defeated a ten foot troll. The Stunners news had got about, but not many people were interested in it apart from Hufflepuffs.

This weekend was the first Hogsmeade one, so nearly everyone from 3rd year to 7th year was gone, which left the school really empty. Jake had gone to Hogsmeade, but Charlie and Adam weren't allowed as they were 2nd year.

Everyone that was left there was trying to get a peek at Harry, Ron and their new best friend Hermione. They wanted to hear the story of the troll first-hand. Darren had heard it from them already, and reported back to the girls.

"Harry and Ron saved Hermione!" he told anyone that would listen. "The troll smashed up the toilets, missing Hermione, and then Harry and Ron ran in. Harry jumped on the trolls back and got his wand stuck the troll's nose! Ron cast Wingardium Leviosa, and then the club thwacked the troll on the head, and it fainted!" He was rather out of breath after this, but still excited.

It had now been a week since the Stunner attack. Hufflepuff's began to feel more and more relaxed again.

Arriving in her dormitory, one Friday evening, after lessons, Amy found a note laying on her bed. It read:

Hey Amy,

I was just wondering whether you'd like to go out together? We could study or something. Meet me in the common room at 11pm if your interested. If not then see you at breakfast tomorrow.

Love from Darren.

It sounded like a joke. It might of been from Charlotte, but her parents removed her from the school and sent her to Beauxbatons.

There was only one way to find out...

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