A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


8. Gryffindor vs Slytherin

At midnight, Amy crept down the tunnel to the common room. There, on the sofa, sat a smallish figure illuminated by the fire. Amy sauntered towards the chair, and found Darren sitting there. She grinned. Then she stopped. Darren was sat there, rigid, his eyes staring. The Stunner had struck again.

Amy ran as fast as she could towards the tunnel. A figure rose up from the shadows and pointed their wand at her. She noticed, but it was too late. The spell hit her and she toppled to the floor.

She awoke in a hospital bed, similar to the one her father had been in after his Quidditch injuries. Everything was white and sterile. On the bed next to her, she saw Darren, reading a book and doing some homework. He hadn't noticed Amy was awake.

"Hey," she whispered. He jumped and whipped his head around. He then began to grin.

"Do you remember anything?" asked Amy.

"I remember creeping out of my dorm, and waiting for you by the fire. Then I went blank, and woke up here," he said.

"I wonder who it was..." wondered Amy, aloud. Darren shrugged.

Madam Pomfrey came over and shushed them, gave them some sort of tonic, and went away. They both drank the tonic, and fell asleep.

They went back to school the next day. There was much buzz amongst Hufflepuffs that day. Even the Ravenclaws were slightly scared. Everyone kept coming up to Darren and Amy, asking them questions and traumatising them further.

But, people were more intrested in the upcoming Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. There was tension between the two houses anyway, but it was even worse now. Random fights broke out in the corridor, students had swearing fits, and some even duelled right in the middle of the stairs. One battle was between a Gryffindor, male, fifth year and a Slytherin, male, sixth year. It was definetly the worse by far; by the end, the Gryffindor had tentacles for a face and the Slytherin was stuck to the wall with abnormally large teeth.

Harry Potter was getting nervous, as the match was only on Saturday. Seekers always got the worse injuries, and there were over 700 ways to foul in a Quidditch match. Plus, with all this extra homework, now the first term was coming to an end, no wonder he was scared.

Hufflepuffs were now terrified to go in their common room. No one travelled alone anymore. Normally, the common room was deserted, apart from a few brave NEWT students, studying quietly. Amy did try to spend time in there, but Gabe and Ernie made her jump, and she didn't go back there.

Rachel and Mollie were also excited about the match, as they wanted to see what a real Quidditch match was like. Everyone was wondering that as well, they weren't the only ones. The annoying thing about them two was that they thought that the whole world revolved around them. Just like Charlotte. At least she's gone now.

On that Saturday morning, the Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch teams prowled into the Great Hall. There were many cheers and boos from the different tables. The Gryffindors roared as their team walked past. and the Slytherins hissed at theirs.

At 11am everyone was in the Quidditch stadium. Amy had borrowed Charlie's Gryffindor scarf in support of that team. Surprisingly, Mollie and Rachel had Slytherin scarves on and joined the other team. Perhaps their families had once been in Slytherin.

The players began to walk out on the pitch. The whole school was in the crowds. You could see Harry turn a nasty shade of green. In the Gryffindor team, there was Harry, Fred, George, Oliver, Angelina, Katie and Alicia. Charlie said that they had lost nearly 7 years in a row.

Suddenly, a whistle blew and the match began! Amy tuned out Lee Jordan's commentary, because she was used to making her own commentary when her father played. Normally, she didn't keep score, but just watched the players instead. One day, Amy hoped, she would be in the Hufflepuff team.

Suddenly, cheers and boos filled the air. Gryffindor scored! A few moments later, captain of the Slytherin team nearly knocked Harry off of his broom.

"FOUL!" Amy screamed. All the Gryffindors shouted with her.

A bludger went spinning dangerously close to Harry's head. Then, something worse happened; he began to loose control. It was clearly a jinx or a curse of some sort, but who would do something like that, no one knew.

Slytherin cheered, which meant they had scored. No one was paying attention anymore. Harry's broom began to roll around and around, and jerk out of the way if anyone came to help him. The Slytherins scored five times without anyone caring to watch.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amy saw a teacher's cloak lit on fire, and then extinguished. It was enough for Harry to gain control- again. He swooped towards the ground, and fell off his broom. Everyone groaned. He stood up, and looked like he was going to throw up. But then-

"I'VE GOT IT!" he shouted. "I'VE GOT THE SNITCH," He held it triumphantly above his head.

Everyone from the Gryffindor team clapped. Amy and Charlie cheered. Harry looked dazed and confused. Hagrid went onto the pitch, and carried him to his hut, along with Ron and Hermione.

Amy filed out with the first years from the stands.  She couldn't find Mollie and Rachel anywhere, so she went back to the common room with Jenna and Darren. When they arrived they found Mollie and rachel to be already there.

"Hey!" shouted Amy. Mollie and Rachel looked up, and then looked down, disappointed. Amy frowned and went to the dormitory with Jenna. Jenna sat at the desk with Amy.

"Do you mind if I hang out with you tomorrow?" asked Jenna, quietly. "It's just that my Ravenclaw friends sort of ditched me, so I just wondered..."

"Yeah, that's great!" said Amy. Jenna smiled.

Breakfast in the Great Hall was very tense between houses. Gryffindors were still obviously tired from their late-night party and the Slytherins were still angry at their players at the Gryffindors.

Amy sat next to Jenna and Mollie. Amy shovelled lots of bacon and sausages onto her plate.

"You know you'll get fat eating that," said Mollie.

"Ok..." said Amy. She wondered why Mollie and Rachel had been ignoring her for the past few weeks. It was just after Charlotte left that they had started picking on her. They had once laughed at her Potions essay, even though, in the end she got an 'E' while they got an 'A'. And sitting with the Slytherin team...something was wrong.



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