A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


1. First letter.

Amy Matthews was no ordinary girl. She was a witch. Her 3 brothers had gone their before her, and, finally it was her turn to go there at last. Jake, the eldest son, was in his fourth year at Hogwarts and in Gryffindor, whilst the twin brothers, Charlie and Adam were in their second year (also in Gryffindor). Amy's parents had been in Gryffindor too, so it was a lot of pressure for her to get into that house, just like the rest of the family.

"No pressure, but if you're in Slytherin, we may have to send you to an orphanage," said Charlie, the more cunning of the twins. He had said that when Amy was 8 years old, but she was still scared in case her parents really were going to disown her.

"No we're not!" said her mother, Simone, after she had asked about getting into Gryffindor. "It would be nice to have you in Gryffindor, though," added her father, Isaac. "Anyway, I heard that Harry Potter was going to be in your year!"

"Harry Potter? The Boy who Lived? That's amazing!" Amy exclaimed.

She turned around to look at herself in the mirror. Amy had chocolate brown hair, like the rest of the family, but her dazzling green eyes set her apart; the rest of her family had blue eyes.

Right at that moment, an owl crashed through the window onto the floor. Amy scurried to pick it up, and screamed. It was her letter, at last!

It read:

Dear Miss Amy Matthews,

We are delighted to inform you that you've been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed your list of books and other items you'll be needing for school.

The Hogwarts Express leaves at 11am sharp on 1st September fromPlatform 9 and 3 quarters. Your ticket is also enclosed. We need your owl by no later than 31st July.

Minerva McGonagall

"Mum! When can we go to Diagon Alley!? Amy shouted.

"I need new stuff too!" said Jake, the usual centre of attention."I'm in my fourth year, so I need more books for revising!"

"Calm it, Zippy" said Adam. "If your head gets any bigger, you might float away..."

"Wouldn't that be a nice thought?" said Charlie. "No more snitching..."

"Mum!" shouted Jake.

"Oh, boys," said their mother, not really paying any attention."Amy, we can go to Diagon Alley on Tuesday, because your father is playing a match against the Appleby Arrows tomorrow.

Their father was a Seeker for the Tutshill Tornadoes, who's team was rising ever steadily in the league. Meanwhile, Amy's head was racing with ideas. Would she be any good at Quidditch? She had practised with her family as a Chaser, but there was real competition out there. What about classes? Would she do well? What subjects would she take in third year?

"Amy? We're kind of losing you there." said Charlie.


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