A story from a girl in Harry Potter's year that tells the story from their perspective.


10. Christmas

In the end, none of the children went. Charlie complained about their mother to Professor McGonagall, so she had a serious chat with all four siblings;

"Your mother seems to be very dangerous, and slightly mental, (Charlie snorted) and, Matthews, we may have to let the Ministry pay her a visit; it is not fair on young Amy to be ignored because of her house, and the fact she actually put a curse on two of her sons is quite alarming," said Professor McGonagall, seriously.You will not, ofcourse, be allowed to go to you parents for Christmas,"

Charlie and Amy cheered. Jake and Adam kept silent. Charlie and Jake did eventually talk sense into Adam, but he still wasn't sure about it.

"Seeing as there's a mixed reaction, we will accomadate for you over the Christmas holidays," she said. And then, without another word, all 4 siblings departed to their lessons. Amy, having spent History of Magic tracking down her brothers, was now late for Transfiguration, but Professor McGonagall let her off, because of their meeting.

This lesson they were trying to turn a pencil into a feather, but Amy's heart wasn't really in it. She was more interested in telling Jenna and Darren what happened. She explained as fully as she could, without their teacher noticing them.

"Just like that?" asked Darren.

"Yep!" exclaimed Amy. "They're looking into her right now,"

"Excuse me," Professor McGonagall loomed over them. "If you're done with your conversation, you three are only half way into turn a pencil into a feather. Your pencil, Jordan, is very furry,"

The whole class sniggered at this remark.

The whole school seemed empty without all of its pupils. There was only around 30 or 40 people left, including Amy, Jenna and Darren. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were also staying, but Hermione went to visit her Muggle parents. It was scary with a load of ghosts floating around, singing random Christmas carols. Although, half of them still think its Halloween and try to scare the students away.

"These ghosts are mental!" exclaimed Jenna.

"I know! Some of them must have got stuck in the 1500's," snorted Darren.

The bad thing about the Christmas holidays was the amount of homework that had piled over the few weeks. Nearly all the classes was a project of some sort, apart from Charms, but Professor Flitwick had set practicing homework instead. 

The second year's apparently had it worse; even though they had exactly the same amount of work, it was just more difficult. 

"God, now I remember why I hate Christmas," said Charlie, whilst writing a History of Magic essay. A light snow had began to fall on the odd looking gang, consisting of three small Hufflepuffs, two second years and a fourth year Gryffindor in the Transfiguration courtyard.

"At least you're not a fourth year," said Jake, smugly."We have our O.W.L.s next year, you know!"

"And we thought Hogwarts was going to be fun," muttered Darren. 

"Inside!" called a random teacher. "There's going to be 2 feet of snow tonight !"

All the children rushed inside. Jake, Charlie and Adam departed to the Gryffindor common room. The three Hufflepuffs sat in front of the roaring fire. It plays tricks on your eyes, making you see animals or flowers or god knows what. Today, the fire had taken the shape of a reindeer, which pranced around the logs with it's head held high.

"It's a shame most people have gone, isn't it?" muttered Amy.

"Not really. It's just rather quiet," said Darren. He grinned as Amy pretended to slap him. 

"Christmas is only two days away!" chimed the clock. Every few hours or so, it reminded them. The Hufflepuff House seemed more empty than the others, with only around 10 people left. Most of them people were 5th years, trying to catch up on the amount of O.W.L. preparation.

December 24th arrived really quickly. The random teacher was right- there had been snow, but a lot more than two feet- more like 5 or 6. The whole of the grounds were covered in it. Fred and George Weasley were the only ones to go out in the snow. They laughed as they threw snowballs at windows. Professor McGonagall looked angry for a second, but then smiled when she saw the 3rd years laughing.

The Christmas trees in the Great Hall looked even more magical than usual. They twinkled more in the light than anything else. Amy wished her father could see this. He only left the school 20 years ago, but still...

She then wondered what life was like for her father, now mother had been declared 'unstable' and taken away by the Ministry. The children had found this out only a few days ago. Charlie and Amy were more upset about this than the other two. They had always preferred their father to their mother, but they knew he wasn't very good at coping without their mother, which made them feel worse.

That same night, Amy was awoken by the loudest scream she'd ever heard. It sounded like it was coming from the library. Everyone in Hufflepuff (almost) was awoken by this. A 5th Year ran to get the nearest teacher, which turned out to be Professor Snape and Professor Quirrel. 

Finally! December 25th had arrived! Amy and Jenna dived out of bed to see what they had got in their stockings. Amy ripped open the first present, from her father. Inside was a yellow jumper with a badger on it. She smiled as she placed it on her bed. The next present was from Jake. Inside was a whole bag of sweets from Honeydukes, similar to the one Rachel and Mollie had given to her. Charlie and Adam always gave their gifts together. They had gotten her a rainbow quill and ink and a tiny tiny key with a note attached:

This key opens a door to the most wonderful things: all you have to do is find it!

"Jenna! What did you get?" exclaimed Amy, after finishing with her presents. 

"Well, thanks for your present!" she smiled at Amy. Amy blushed. She had felt sorry for Jenna, without anyone else to give her stuff, so she gave her half of the Honeydukes sweets in the basket from Mollie and Rachel.

"No problems. Anything else?" Amy asked.

"Hufflepuff socks from Darren, and something from your brothers..." she said.

"What is it? Open it!"

Jenna ripped open the present to find three books. Tales Of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

"Brilliant!" she exclaimed. "I've never read wizard books before,"

"Really? That's weird," said Amy.

"I am from Muggle upbringing you know..." she mumbled, shyly. 

"Sorry... I forgot," said Amy, shrugging.

They ran down to the common room, to find Darren, Gabe and Justin sitting on the armchairs by the fire. There were a few other people in the corners, but other than that, it was deserted. Darren invited Amy to sit on his lap, but she instead sat on the arm of the chair.

"So..." Amy said. "What did we all get?"

"Well, I got a broomstick, sweets, books, a Rememberall..." boasted Gabe.

"Whoah! Hold up there! You're not allowed a broomstick in your first year!" exclaimed Amy.

"Well, my father can easily bend the rules, you see, as he's high up in the Ministry..." he scoffed.

"You sound exactly like Draco Malfoy!" exclaimed Jenna.

"No! What are you talking about?!" he says.

"Yeah, you do," admits Justin.

"How dare- I'm not Slytherin!" he shouts angrily. He storms off into his dormitory.

"You do bring out that angry side in people, Amy," says Darren.

"Shut up!" Amy mutters.

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