Accidents happen. Some worse than others. This is a tale of an accident that changed someones life forever. Set in Scotland.


2. The crash. Blake's side of the story


She always sits there. Just wtching the trains. She's on of the most beautiful humans I've seen  in my 100 year old life. Yes I am a ghost but I prefer the term spirit. She's never seen me before or felt my presence. Usually humans see ghosts just before they die. The strang thing is she didn't die but she still saw me. I know she lived because I took her to hospital after she became unconcious. Yes I know I'm a spirit but I can still carry things. The crash was one of the worst I've seen. I died in a crash wich is one of the reasons why I stay round the train tracks. I was in the Quintinshill disater in 1915. I was one of the 230 people that got killed and my family was some of the 246 that got ingured. It was just before the crash when she saw me. Her intense green eyes locked onto mine and she slowed down. She looked so beautiful then I almost cried. The terror in her face was unimaginable. I could hardly bear to watch as When she got hit my part of the flaming train. The cut was so deep you could see through to bone. I healed it a bit but my powers are a bit extensive as I havn't been a spirit for long. Only 87 years. When I found her I cried. She looked so lost, so sad, so harmless as she slept in her coma. I have only once left her side since she's been in hospital.

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