Accidents happen. Some worse than others. This is a tale of an accident that changed someones life forever. Set in Scotland.


3. Hospital. May


After a bit I fell asleep again. I dreamt about the boy opposite me before the train chrash. In it I studdied his face. He had hazel eyes to match his chesnut brown hair. His skin was a pale pinkish colour. His tall thin body stood in a laid back position, hands in pockets. His face a heart shape and it had a calm look on it, one of knowingness, of gentleness, of kindness. But how could that be. I saw him just before the crash. Shouldn't he have a look of terror on his face? My mind whirled trying find an explanation. It couldn't though. I reached out to touch his face. That's when I woke up. I was actually touching his face. He looked exactly as he did in the dream. No cut's, bruises, or bandeges. How could that be? I was so confused.  

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