Accidents happen. Some worse than others. This is a tale of an accident that changed someones life forever. Set in Scotland.


1. The crash. May's side of the story

I love watching the trains. It calms me down. This time it didn't.

I sat at the side of the tracks in the field, I'm not that stupid, watching and waiting for a train. After a bit I realised the tracks were vibrating. "Ooh good" I thought "a train". Then I realsised the tracks were vibrating a lot more than usual. I could actually hear them at that moment. It was a faint buzzing sound, like a bee. I listened for the horn of the train, squinting into the distance. Suddenly I heard it. A honking sound, a blaring horn. I looked to my left and saw a tiny dot; slowly but steadily getting bigger. I heard the sound again but from my right this time. I looked and saw a small dot getting bigger and bigger and bigger. "Oh God! Two trains on the same track!". I froze not knowing what to do. The trains got near closer. I started to run. Adrenalin filled my body and I broke out in a cold sweat full of fear.

The few seconds before seemed to go in slowmotion. Behind me I heard the brakes of the train screeching and the screams and yells of the passengers, along with my scream in there somewhere. Just before it happened I saw a boy in the other field opposite me standing with his head in his hands. He looked up and as he did our eyes locked and I slowed down. Suddenly a deafening sound erupted as the trains crashed. A torrent of fire shot into the sky like a flaming skyscraper. Fragments of burning metal flew through the air. A shard of glass narrowly missed my head singeing my hair. The heat was immense. I saw a piece of metal shooting through the air towards me. I tried to dodge it but I wasn't quick enough. Excruciating pain surged through my leg. I collapsed. Blood poured out of me and I curled in to a ball. A few seconds later and I was unconscious.

After that I think someone must have found me and taken me to hospital. Which is where I am now. My leg is bandeged to stop the blood seeping out of me. It hurts to move and I have cuts and bruises all over me.

Even though I'm injured no one's coming to look for me. They can't. They're dead. Every one died in that train crash and there's no going back it's just me and me alone. I don't know what happened to the boy. I had forgotten about him til now. Part of me wants to know what happened to him part of me doesn't.

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