Emily has had a hard history with boys. A lot of them have come knocking on her door but her dad is the over protective type. When she meets the boys of her dreams will her luck change?


2. Stay

Harry smiles at me. I smile back without even knowing it.

"Hello there," the familiar voice of Liam enters my ears. 

I look at the direction of which the sound came from. And there I find Liam. I get up and run over to him. I laugh and then give him a long hug. Me and Liam start from way back since we were thirteen. I remember always sticking up for him when the bullies came round. We were inseparable and he was always there when I needed help. But then our family moved to London for my mum needed to do so so she was closer to her job. Me and Liam are nothing more than friends. It will stay that way.

I sit back down next to Harry after a quick chat with Liam and Danielle. Harry looks pretty focused on the karaoke so I look up on the stage as well. A guy in a sparkly black suit walks up and takes the mic.

"Now we are looking for a good looking couple. The two of you better be ready cos when the spotlight shines on you, you are getting up here and do a random song!"

I glance over at Harry. He notices and looks at me as well. I flit my eyes away quickly and blush. Suddenly, a bright light appears on me. I look at Harry and see that  it's shining on him too. He gets up without hesitation and takes my hand. I smile like crazy. They must've thought that we were a couple.

I take my place on the stage, holding my mic tightly. Harry and I have our backs facing the screen so we can't see what song we would have to sing. When the music starts to play I recognize it straight away.

It's "Stay" by Rihanna.
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