Emily has had a hard history with boys. A lot of them have come knocking on her door but her dad is the over protective type. When she meets the boys of her dreams will her luck change?


3. Spin The Bottle

Harry's POV
Her name is Emily. She's got a neat tousle of light brown waves. She's got a light tan and the color of her eyes are the lightest shade of brown. She's wearing a stripy long sleeve top, tucked into a pair of white shorts and she's looking the most beautiful.

The piano starts and I recognize the song straight away. Emily looks over at the screen, her hair flicking without her even knowing it. Everything seems to be going in slow motion. Her hair is still traveling and I see slightest flicker of her eyes onto mine. Then she opens her mouth and her voice is what snaps me back into reality.

It's very sweet and beautiful, her voice. It can dig deep down into those low notes and reach up into the sky for those high ones. I look at her in amazement. She's doing well with the crowd that's for sure. Cheers are from every single space I see. When it's my turn, she smiles at me. Then my heart stops beating and I can't seem to breathe.

Emily's POV
I smile when the crowd cheers. I've always loved singing to people. I have never been shy once at all when it came to singing.

When my part finishes, I look over to Harry and see that he hasn't taken his eyes off me. The way his green eyes sparkle against the lights takes my breath away.

I never want the song to stop. But when the music slows to a soft, I finish it off with every inch of my honesty.

"I want you to stay."

I look down at my hand. I haven't realized but Harry's got a hold of it. I blush like crazy. Harry and I take a bow and everyone whoops and claps. We take a seat back down.

All the lads are smiling at me at our table. Eleanor even comes over to me and squeezes my hand. Perrie gives me a pat on the back and Danielle gives me a thumbs up. For once, I actually feel happy around people.

The night passes by with lots of wine and food and more singing. A lot of chatter goes on between Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry and I whilst we eat our dessert. 

"Hey Emily, did you want to come with us? Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Perrie, Louis and I are going off to do some partying back inside." 

I look at Harry. He gives me a nod and I nod back.

"We would love to Eleanor!" Harry says it with much enthusiasm.
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