Emily has had a hard history with boys. A lot of them have come knocking on her door but her dad is the over protective type. When she meets the boys of her dreams will her luck change?


4. In The Closet

I go rigid when we step into the house. There are boys sliding down the stairs, there are more than ten couples making out on the couch, everyone's jumping up and down and some of them are even writing on the walls. 

My breathing goes rapid but I push my fear down and follow to where Liam is leading us. He opens a door and we walk in.

There are about twenty people sitting in a circle. The only things in the room are three fairly large wardrobes. When I look in the middle of the circle I see a bottle.

"Care to play a little game of seven minutes of heaven?" a black haired girl speaks up from the left side of the circle.

"Why not?" Zayn takes Perrie's hand with confidence and strides to sit down with the circle.

We all follow. Harry sits on my left while a guy named Tim sits on my right. My heart thumps in my chest when the bottle starts spinning. It lands on a black haired guy with grey eyes. The bottle starts to spin again and it lands on a blonde haired girl with blue eyes. They both get up and get inside the first closet. After a second or so, you can already hear thumps from inside the closet.

The bottle starts to spin again. This time, it lands on a blonde haired guy with sparkling blue eyes. I tense when the bottle lands on me. I look at Harry, as if  asking for permission and he gives me a nod. I hesitantly get up and we walk to the closet. 

"My name's Cody, what's yours?" he says it under his breath.


I avoid looking at him. There are lights in the closet and I can see him clearly. He closes the light and gently pulls me close. I turn my head away.

"No. I don't want to do this.."

He leans in close anyway and that's when I notice that he's drunk. I can smell the booze clearly on him.

"I said no!"

I pull away but he grabs me again. He puts his lips on mine and forces my mouth open.


I kick the door but it doesn't budge.


He throws his shirt on the floor and he forces mine off.


He pins me to the wall and I scream again. He darts his mouth on mine and that's when I hear a frustrated voice outside. I manage to escape from his grip and put my shirt back on. He pulls me back onto the wall and I give another scream. He ferociously tries to open my mouth, making my head bump against the wall. My world starts to spin then I see black dots. I fall onto the floor then that's when the door finally opens. Light floods in and the last thing I see is Harry's worried face, coming to get me.
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