Emily has had a hard history with boys. A lot of them have come knocking on her door but her dad is the over protective type. When she meets the boys of her dreams will her luck change?


5. Brilliant Green

When I wake, I find myself sitting on Harry's lap. My head's rested on his shoulder and my arms are curled up on his chest. I hear his heart beating. I move my head gently to see where I am. Still at the party. It must be around 1:00.

"Oh, you've woken up."

I look up at him and notice how beautiful he really is for the first time. 

First I look at his jawline. Then his cheeks. Then I notice that every time he moves his mouth, two very cute dimples appear at the bottom of his cheeks. I look at his eyebrows, then I look at his eyes.

They are truly wonderful. You don't really get to see them on camera so they look pretty dark when you look at photos. But right now, they're the most brilliant shade of green. They seem to be glowing, like a cat's but it all looks natural. If you look close enough, you will see swirls of darker green which makes you desperate to swim even deeper into the sea of green. His smile is what stops me from drowning. That's when I notice his lips.

They seem soft and perfectly moist. I've never felt like this before. Never felt the need of feeling someone else's lips on my own. I keep my eyes on him and after a while, Harry lays his eyes on mine and notices that I've been looking at him. This time, I don't turn away. It happens before I know it. He leans in close and I feel myself rise above the room. My heart thumps with content and my head seems to be up in the sky.

It's just like dancing. The choreographer teaches us twirls and leaps. We practice until we perfect them. There's only one thing different. Everything's already perfected. I let myself loose and let my lips dance with Harry's.
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