Emily has had a hard history with boys. A lot of them have come knocking on her door but her dad is the over protective type. When she meets the boys of her dreams will her luck change?


1. Rainbow

I shut one eye and gaze through the other. The sunset is truly wonderful. I've always been transfixed by all the colors, spilling through the sky like a dripping rainbow. I click the camera until I am satisfied with the photos.

I take a deep breath and head home. Today's the day when April will pick me up from my house and then drive me to the karaoke party I have agreed to go to with her.

I've never really liked parties. I've  always been that reserved girl, walking alone on the beach or in the city, taking photos. I got the hobby from my mother. She is a professional photographer and she has taken many pictures for celebrity weddings.


When I hear a beep from outside, I take another quick look at myself in the mirror then I run down the stairs, to get to April.

I beam when I see her. She's wearing a black beret, a white baggy top tucked into black high waisted shorts and a cluster of necklaces and bangles, dangling around. 

"I hope you've warmed up your voice..." she says this as if she was concerned.

Yes, I did say that I was reserved but singing came to me naturally and I never was shy singing in front of people. It would be, I would say, one of the few times that I ever do open up.

"Pfft. I don't need warming up."


April pulls over when we arrive at a house the has blasting music inside.

"I thought this was just a get-together!"

April looks at me and shrugs.

"It was about time you took your eyes off the world and looked at how your life was going! And I heard that Casey invited in some celebrities..."

Casey's dad has worked for the most incredible people ever. Including Michael Jackson, Pink, The Script and even Taylor Swift.

I roll my eyes at April.

"I can't believe you lied to me!" I say this as I step out of the car, not angry, but nervous at what could happen next.

I glide to the house, not bothering waiting for April. I'm walking around in eight inch wedges but it's another thing that I've found natural.

There is ear shattering music and everyone's jumping up and down and some are already drunk. I find an empty seat on a table. And wait for April to find me. I sit for about five minutes but I eventually get impatient then walk out into the backyard.

My breath is taken away when I see it. There are yellow flower petals scattered on the floor and there are about six to ten tables arranged in front of a stage. The atmosphere out here is very different to inside. The lights are twinkling over the stage and all the way around to the door which where I am standing.

Casey pops out from no where and grabs my arm. She guides me to a table and gives me a seat. I smile at the other people around me but then my heart drops. OMG. The air that I used to breathe in seems to have gotten hot and tight. Sitting around me are the boys of One Direction.
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