When Will My Life Begin? One Direction FanFic

Millenia is a 18 year old girl who never fit in very well.Ever since her parents died, she was always like an outcast and what makes it even worse is that her foster mom is like a witch... shes just soo mean. But Millenia doesnt let these things get her down. She is a super intelligent girl and she has applied to a university in England but will she get accepted... will she find happiness and perhaps a true love?


14. We'll Help You

"Wow" Niall says as soon as I finish.

"Yea... Its pretty crazy." I finally manage to say.

"Why didnt she want you to attend college? If she hated you like you said, then why wouldnt she let you leave??" Niall asked.

" I dont know." I said as I started to cry.

Niall scooted over next to me on the couch and held me as I started to cry on his shoulder.

"Its okay. You dont have to worry.. you have us to help you." As Niall said that, the rest of the boys joined in with him and gave me a group hug.

"Thank you guys. You're the best. I actually feel like I belong somewhere. Thank You again!" I said as I wiped away my extra tears.

"Your welcome" they all said.

"I think we should head to bed now" Louis said.

So, we all headed off to bed. 

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