When Will My Life Begin? One Direction FanFic

Millenia is a 18 year old girl who never fit in very well.Ever since her parents died, she was always like an outcast and what makes it even worse is that her foster mom is like a witch... shes just soo mean. But Millenia doesnt let these things get her down. She is a super intelligent girl and she has applied to a university in England but will she get accepted... will she find happiness and perhaps a true love?


22. Our Destination

Millenia's POV:

Niall went into Harry's room and told the boys where we were going, but I noticed that the boys were acting suspicious. Ehh, you know how boys are, so I just let it go. Niall came back out and we went to his car.

On the way, we talked about where One Direction was going for their next stop on their crazy tour. Niall said that they were going to his home country of Ireland, which I thought was really cool.

We reached Nandos about 15 minutes later and Niall opened the ddor to the car for me and grabbed my hand to help me out. We held hands as we entered the resturant and the waiter sat us at a table outside, under the stars.

"Welcome to Nandos. Can I start you two off with any drinks?" the waiter asked.

"Well, ill have a pint of beer please." Niall ordered.

"And I will just have a plain Sprite." I said.

"Ok, I will be back in 5 minutes with your drinks."

"Thank you." we both say.

"Thats all your going to have is Sprite?" he asks me while laughing.

"Yes, I dont drink." I reply.

"Oh.. wow.""


"Nothing. Haha."

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