When Will My Life Begin? One Direction FanFic

Millenia is a 18 year old girl who never fit in very well.Ever since her parents died, she was always like an outcast and what makes it even worse is that her foster mom is like a witch... shes just soo mean. But Millenia doesnt let these things get her down. She is a super intelligent girl and she has applied to a university in England but will she get accepted... will she find happiness and perhaps a true love?


16. Morning

I woke up to someone tapping me on my shoulder. It was Niall.

"Millenia, love, are you awake??" he asked.

"Umm.. I am now." I replied. "What time is it?"

"Its 9:15. Would you like some breakfast? Harry is cooking."

"Sure! Im starving!"

"Haha! Okay! Lets Go!"

Niall and I walked into Harry's room and all the boys were eating whil Harry stood at the stove cooking.

"Morning Niall and Millenia!! How are you doing??" they all said.

"Good Morning!" I replied. "Im great!"

"So did Niall tell you last night?" Liam asked me.

"Yes! And Im so anxious to find out!"

"Haha! Good!"  

Me and Niall grabbed some plates and started to chow down! It was delicious!



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