When Will My Life Begin? One Direction FanFic

Millenia is a 18 year old girl who never fit in very well.Ever since her parents died, she was always like an outcast and what makes it even worse is that her foster mom is like a witch... shes just soo mean. But Millenia doesnt let these things get her down. She is a super intelligent girl and she has applied to a university in England but will she get accepted... will she find happiness and perhaps a true love?


20. Crushy Wushy

We finally reach the hotel and all I want to do is take a nap. I tell Niall that Im tired and I head to the room. I lie down on the huge bed and fall asleep.

Niall's POV:

I go into Harry's room where the rest of the boys are and join them in their conversation.

"Soooo....NIALL!!" Zayn says to me.

"Umm.. yess Zayn??"

"Me and the boys noticed that you have a little crushy wushy on Millenia!"

"What are you talking about??!!" I try to sound as innocent as possible.

"Oh dont play that with us, mate! We know that you like her!"

"Ok fine, I do" I finally say.

"Are you going to tell her??" Harry asks this time.\

"Yess.. Im going to tell her tonight."

"Aww.. we always knew you were a romantic!" Louis says.

We talk for an hour more and then I head back to my room.

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