When Will My Life Begin? One Direction FanFic

Millenia is a 18 year old girl who never fit in very well.Ever since her parents died, she was always like an outcast and what makes it even worse is that her foster mom is like a witch... shes just soo mean. But Millenia doesnt let these things get her down. She is a super intelligent girl and she has applied to a university in England but will she get accepted... will she find happiness and perhaps a true love?


15. Best Sleep

The boys all went to their seperate rooms and I stayed with Niall since I had the most trust in him.

"Ok.. so you can take my bed and I will sleep on the couch." He said.

"No, Im not gonna have you sleep on the couch. I cant do that to you!" I replied.

"You're gonna take the bed!!" he would not take "no" for an answer so I stopped arguing.

"Do you have any pajamas?" he asked me. I actually didnt. I forgot to wash them before I had left.

"No I dont. But I will just wear some of my clothes. Its fine." I replied.

"Oh, then here, you can borrow one of my shirts. I dont mind." Niall insisted.

"Thank you." I said.

He showed me to the bathroom and I changed in there. When I came out, he was already lying on the couch so I said goodnight and hopped in the bed. As I was about to close my eyes, Niall said something.

"Heyy Millenia??" he asked.

"Yeah??" I asked in response.

"Tomorrow, me and the boys are going to take you to the University of London and make sure that you get in."

"Thank you."

And with that, we both fell asleep.


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