Let's Jump

The suicide of a young girl


5. Waking


Eyes wide open gasping for air, Jenny sat up so fast she clashed heads with Barney. He stumbled backwards, clutching his head "OW!" they shouted  simultaneously. Jenny still holding her head, whipped her head around. Scanning the area, her mouth acted without thought. "MUM!" Barney wincing at the loudness of her voice, it took him a moment to realise what she was saying. Then he was running to her, using one hand to muffle her voice. She squirmed against his hand, he quickly used his other arm to craddle her. They stayed like that for a couple moments, her struggling uslessly, while he sat there, restraining her with all his strength.

She finally stopped moving, and he slowly released his grip on her. Then they simply sat there for a couple hours, neither of them feeling the minutes and seconds slowly pass by.


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