Let's Jump

The suicide of a young girl


4. Spirits

Standing before her grave, the pair looked at the carefully etched message that they had picked out for her. Beloved Mother, and Wife to Barney, Jenny, Vicky & Rob Campbell. Now looking around that message didn't seem all that special. Row upon row of the dead. Barney was shaking his head, it was so obvious now. Looking around it was so clear now. Like a fog had been lifted right out of his mind. He had been selfish. Stupid, spiteful and selfish. He was a leader, he had always been and now he had led hid family into a pitiful hell; because he was too stupid to see where he was going.

Jenny stared at the slab of stone as her body held an ongoing battle within, anger, sadness and fear were overwhelming her and she was unable to control it. Reaching out to stroke the slab, she flinched back. There was a barrier between her and the grave, and once she crossed it; there was no going back.

Barney laid down the yellow carnations, their colour seemed to radiate against the grey of the background. Jenny turned away covering her eyes, partly because of the tears that leaked from her eyes, but also because she knew she wasn't ready for this.

She murmmered quietly "Let's go," Barney reached for her hand, but she snatched it away. She didn't want to feel anything. Sighing heavily he slowly retracted his hand.But as she made to leave  she lifted her eyes, and  gasped quietly.

Eyes that were a pale blue that shined, skin milky white and auburn hair that seemed like it was on fire, Jenny was looking at Vicky.

Vicky breathed out shallowly her cold breath curling and crawling over her sister's skin. "Don't go," she whispered, she smiled a impish smile. She grabbed Jenny's hand suddenly, massaging it as she said "Stay, please. We want you to stay. Please don't hate me. I wanted peace, and I have it now. I am happy. Please stay with me." Jenny knew it was only her sister, but that didn't stop her screaming. Ripping her hand away , she tore out of the graveyard like a mad woman.

Barney yelled after her, Vicky yelled too; their voices interwining like posin ivy crawling up a wall. Their voices pulled on Jenny, slowing her to a halt. She stopped to catch her breath.

She curled into a ball, lay on the ground and began to cry.

A hand began to stroke her head, she looked up. Geeky glasses perched on a short subby nose, a smudge of dirt on his forehead, and messy black hair. "Dad you came back."

He grinned at her, and tilted his head before saying softly "I'm, disappointed in you." She jerked back from his hand    

 "How dare you say that!" She stood up and pointed an accusing finger at him. "You abandonned us! You disappeared! How dare you stand there and lecture me"

He sighed heavily whilst shaking his head, "I was destroyed when your mother passed away. I didn't want to leave you...... but I wasn't in any state to look after you."
Shhe simply glared at him then said venomously "Well that's true, the only state you seem ed to be in was drunk,"

He visibly winced at this, "The alcohol was just my way of coping .I'm so sorry, I truly am."
Jenny face expression softened slightly "Please tell me why you left. If nothing else, you at least owe me that," 

"Can't you see it, you have grown into a beautiful young woman, just like your mother." He came closer to her and tilted her head to the small puddle on the floor. Her refelction shimmered, her mother's face appearing next to her. The likeliness, uncanny.  Wait, mum? "Mum," she breathed. She whipped around "MUM!" She quickly ran forward, searching "MUM! WHERE ARE YOU!"

"Right here darling," she spun quickly and ran to her. "Shhhh, shhh it's alright," her Mum murmmered, massaging her daughter's head. Jenny sobbed and howled into her mother's shoulder.

Finally calming herself down, Jenny looked up and stuttered "Mu-Mum?"

"Yes darling?"

"I missed you,"

"I know, I missed you too." They embraced once again. Before Jenny's mum pushed her gently away. "I have come because I nned you to know that I am happy, your Dad is happy too and now Vicky is with us."

Jenny looked slightly startled, "you're not... disappointed?" Here mother laughed and swatted her hand as if to get rid of the absurd idea. "Nooo! Of course not, but we, all three of us, do want you to be happy too. You desrve to be happy."

Jenny turned away, "I don't desrve to be happy. I messed up so badly! I mean, look at Vicky!" , she held a fist to her mouth desperately holding back tears.

Her Mum paused, quietly musing. Carefully picking her words she said "That wasn't your fault, you couldn't have helped her even if you wanted to." Her Mum quickly glanced behind her, there was someone out there. And they were calling for Vicky. 

Making a split decision she quickly said "I have to go!"

Jenny's face transformed into a series of expressions. Pain, despair and anger flashed across her face. Settling on a pained expression she shrieked desperately "NO! You won't leave! MUUUMMM!" 

Before hearing the last of her daughter's plea, Jenny's mother was sprinting across the forest ground, leading a intricate dance-like trail, making certain no one could follow her.


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