Let's Jump

The suicide of a young girl


2. Let's Jump

Her steamy breath was like a ghost dancing in the cold wind.

he voices of Jenny and Barney from behind  faded out.

It was only her and her mind. She looked up at the clock. 9:44, only one minute from her death.

60 seconds was all she needed to change her mind. She clutched the silver necklace swinging back and forth as she rocked on her heels.

55 seconds. The tears broke free. She whimpered remembering it all.

50 seconds. She thought of her poor mother, lying cold, sprawled across the road. She'd kissed her remembering all those sweet stories of the kiss of life. She'd kissed her forehead, hugging her to her chest rocking back and forth as she did now.

45 seconds. Then she though of Barney and Jenny. Could she do it to her? To her only family. The only family she loved more than her mum.

40 seconds. Her father was clear to her, his face unrecognizable. From the loving family to the few pieces of jigsaw, barley saved. He care for nothing anymore. Then he disappeared. People said he'd gone crazy, then suicidal. Just the sight of his wife dead, covered in blood was enough.  It ran in the family, she thought. I think I'm going crazy.

She suddenly head Barney laugh.

30 seconds. They didn't need her. Jenny and Barney were just fine. She was the only miserable one. Clutching to the past like it was her life line. Funny how, it was the thing that was going to kill her.

25 seconds. She looked across, an old man next to an old woman. They were laughing happily. Then they were melting. So did the rest of the metro station. Now they were in the summer house, all new. The one that they're dad had build for them. He'd nurture and cared for ever since the first wooden panel. And there was mum and dad happily laughing. Happily. Alive.

10 seconds. Barney and Jenny who had been playing scrabble began to laugh too. It was almost hysterical laughing. She joined in too. Their mum beckoned to her. "Come here," she laughed. She took a step forward. Then another. And another. "Come to me, be here with me," Her movements were rigid like a puppet, like her body was trying to stop her.

5 seconds. Jenny and Barney stopped laughing.


1 second

"VICKY!!" they screamed.

The summer house disappeared and Vicky was being plunged in a trained.

She screamed.

Then she stopped screaming.

Silence was all that remained.


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