Breaking Grounds | Harry Styles

You probably go around thinking that your life is the worst ever. You probably curse your life - just because you failed your math exam and now have to face your parents. Well matters are different for Elena Bolton. She would give everything to fail a math test or just have parents to face.
At an age of 15 she was ruled into the local hospital, due to a fail in her heart. She's been laying there for 2 years now.
Her parents are always too busy to visit her, so instead of feeling guilty of that fact, they just simply cut her out of their lives.
She's alone and hopeless, but what happens when a certain famous boy band decides to dedicate Valentines day to throw a free concert at the hospital?


2. Broken Grounds


Another rain drop fell unto the window, awaking Elena from her slight slumber. She felt weak as adjusted her head on the white pillow. A frustrated sigh left her slightly parted lips. She was so damn tired of this place and the white soulless colors, that covered every wall, floor and furnitures - even the ceiling had a grey white color to it and she was beyond tired of doing nothing than just staring at it all day.

She closed her eyes, allowing the imaginary colors of her mind to play on the inside of her eyelids. 
The faint sound of music, playing in the distance found its way to her ears and she found herself slightly humming away to the tune, even though she was sure that she had never heard it before. It was quite catchy though.

There was a concert playing in the lobby with - what was supposed to be - the biggest boy band of the century. As the only one in her department - well the whole hospital to be exact - she had declined to go.

She had no wish of showing of the pale reflection of what she used to be, once upon a time. 

A single tear slid down her cheek. She shook her head in a desperate try to get her mind elsewhere. She didn't have the strength to cry, she needed her powers to stay awake and keep her heart going - just like she had fought it to do the last two years. 

In a matter of moments she heard the last tune of a song, thereby turning into complete silence. She expected to hear a new tune going into a new song, like she had heard it happen the last two hours, though nothing happened and she was left alone in the silence. 

Her hands fumbled across the covers of her bed, searching for the remote to turn on the loud sounds from the TV. 

A re-run of an old TV-serie was playing, uninterested she reached out for her book, which were neatly placed on her sidetable. She didn't bother to turn off the TV, knowing that she would be too depressed in this hell whole if no sounds were playing. 

She focused her eyes on the text, mumbling along to the lines in the TV-serie. Being in the hospital for several years, she had watched that same episode a little too many times.

She started focusing more and more on the story, letting the TV become just another background noise. She was just about to lose herself into this world where everything was possible and everything could happen, when a voice broke her reading pattern.

"Ey, I love this show." Confused, as to who would possibly intrude her reading time and personal room, she looked up only for her eyes to meet a curly haired boy, leaving against the door frame with his eyes fixed on the TV.

Fixing her eyes back on the screen for a minute, before she returned her gaze to him she nodded in agreement. "Yea, well it gets boring." She simply shrugged while taking in all of his features.

"What do you mean? It's a classic." She was taken aback by a set of clear green eyes, when he turned his head to meet his gaze with hers.

"When you've seen it too many times, it's unoriginal." She just shrugged again, still not able to fix her eyes on anything but his.

"I didn't see you at the concert." He stated, taking a couple of steps into the room and thereby closer to her.

"I didn't know that you were looking for me." A sad smile played on his perfectly plump lips.

"You know I've been looking for you ever since." He took yet another couple of steps closer to her bed and she was sure, that if she could stand she would have backed away.

"You shouldn't have, it's unh-" She started, but was rudely cut off before she could even think about finishing her sentence.

"But I have." His voice was more stern now as he took a look of all the equipment around her.

"Why?" Her voice was more fragile than it used to be, even now a days her voice sounded stronger than the one that just crossed her lips.

"You know why." A pained look flashed his beautiful green eyes as he laid them on her and took in her faint and pale self. 

It was true, she knew why yet she had never truly heard him say it. Not even back then.

His green eyes dared to find hers as he waited for a reply which only came in form of a slight and weak nod. It pained him to see this lifeless and faint reflection of a once so joyful and strong girl. His blood began to boil with hatred towards the place she was held in. She had always been a free bird and now she was kept prisoner in a place, that she was even too weak to escape from.

"What happened?" His voice sounded more broken than it had before and he no longer tried to cover up the pain he held within him.

"All this happened." She made a hand gesture towards all the equipment, life support machines and the weak shadow of a once so playful girl. 

His teeth found a way to bore themself into his bottom lip as he darted his eyes to the window, not baring to look at her weak eyes for another second.

"You know what I mean." His raspy and pained voice spoke. He was broken. No matter how good he was at fooling the public there was no way that he would ever be able to fool this girl and he knew it. He awaited an answer though it never came, so he just moved on. "When did you find out?" He made a small gesture towards the equipment and her bed, his eyes still not meeting hers.

"Just a week before I.." She trailed off, clearly afraid of mentioning it.

"You left me?" A single tear had started its path down his cheek and he did his best to hide it from her, though it failed as his teary voice revealed it.

"I'm so so sorry.." She started but trailed off as a broken sob left her lips. 

"Why didn't you just tell me?" He finally pulled himself together, letting his green eyes meet her blue ones and he quickly had to prevent himself from getting lost in them yet another time. They had always looked like a big blue sea, just waiting for him to jump in and swim. But now, they had gotten a sick yellow outlining and it was clear to see that their sparkling color had been fainting an inch everyday for the last two years.

"We didn't have the money for my treatment. I could have died every second - I could die every second. How could I put you through that kind of torture?" More and more tears started to trail down her cheeks, the first ones creating perfect paths for the next ones. 

It stung in his heart, he had always hated to see her cry. The memorie of how he swore to her that he would prevent her from every kind of pain, rung in his mind - it had been such a long time ago.

He watched, as she closed her ones so beautiful eyes and the flood of tears became bigger and wider.

A broken sob left her lips and that's where he decided that enough was enough. Scooting her to the side, he carefully placed himself beside her on the small hospital bed, pulling her closer. Doing so he couldn't help but inhale her scent and he felt somewhat relieved to find that it was still the same as always. 

He stroked her back in a calming matter for what felt like a decade, though he was only happy to do so. He had longed for the day where he would be able to hold her again and the thought of actually having her so close to him again, made him want to scream at the top of a skyscraper. 

Even though they were both broken, sparks of happiness and joy went off in both of their stomachs for the first time in years. 

"I'll pay." His raspy voice broke the silence, only making her tear stained face rise from where it had been hiding in his warm chest. Confusion was written across her beautiful features and he couldn't prevent his hand from stroking her cheek slightly. She was still so God damn beautiful to him. "I'll pay for the treatment." 

With the speed of the lightening her eyes widened to the double of size, though his remained sincere and truthful. "Yo-you don't have to." Her voice was filled with the shock that had taken over her body by the sound of her words. Were he really willing to spend so much money on her life?

"But I want to." A smile played on his lips, this time more sincere than broken. He had found her, that was all that mattered.

Even though she wanted to, she had no powers left to argue or fight him so instead she just hid away her face in his chest again, inhaling the wonderful calming scent that radiated off of him.

"I've been dreaming about spending Valentines day with you in forever." Her statement was muffled by his chest, though it was loud enough for him to hear. A big smile spread across his lips upon hearing this. He had dreamed of the same in forever as well. "I guess dreams do come true." He could feel her smile pressing up against his chest, which made his heartbeat quicken yet another beat.

With a finger placed underneath her chin, he pulled her face out of his chest so that he could look her in the eyes. His tongue slid across his lips in a nervous gesture. This wouldn't be easy for him, though it had to be done; now or never. "I love you Elena." 

She was dumbfounded and lost track of time as she stared into those green eyes, looking for a playful glint though they were only filled with honesty and sincere sparks. A shiver ran down her spine by the thought of him finally admitting it, after so long. "I love you too Harry." 

They had always known about each others feelings, though no one had ever had the courage to say anything - this time was different though.

They stared into each others eyes in what felt like forever. Him getting lost in those faint blue eyes, where a spark of happiness where now starting to color them in that beautiful blue tone again. She was completely breath taken by his still so clear green eyes, filled with a loving glint reassuring her that she was everything he had been looking for.

As their lips finally touched, their blood started to boil and both of their heartbeat started to quicken. A sudden pain in her chest reminded her that she had to be careful, though she couldn't care any less if she died at that moment, at least she would die with him.

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