How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


5. Little Bird



Niall’s POV:

The boys and I were sitting with the girls across the street from they're now burned apartment. When we arrived a fireman told us that the fire had started in a kitchen on floor 7 and quickly got out of hand. It burned floors 6-8 before they could slow it down. The girls apartment was on floor 8. It destroyed most everything in the apartment. Thankfully no one was hurt badly. Just shaken up and a few bumps and bruises.

We all sat across the street waiting for news if anything was saved in the fire. Abby was crying while Harry held her and told her that everything would be fine. I don't see how it could be, but if it helped Abby. Carson sat in between me and Zayn. She just sat there every once in awhile a tear would roll down her cheek and she would sniffle. Each time this happened Zayn would take her hand and squeeze it then let it go. I wanted to pull her in my arms and tell her everything would be okay just like Harry was doing for Abby. But i couldn't she probably would freak out if I did. I couldn’t imagine all the things they had that was now gone. Personal things that you can’t ever get back. 

A few hours later a man walked up with a box. He handed to a still crying Abby nodded and walked away. "What is it?" Carson asked as Abby sifted through the box.
"Whats left of our apartment." Abby said putting he box aside crying into Harry chest once more.
"Shhh. Its okay babe. We'll find you a place to stay." Harry rocked her back and forth.
Carson grabbed the box and looked through it. I could see a few watered down pictures a small box with Abby carved into it. And a locket. Carson grabbed the locket and held it in her hand crying uncontrollable sobs.
And I couldn't stand it anymore I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. "Don't worry. I promise you that you'll have a place to stay." I rubbed her back.
All the guys looked at me weird but I ignored them only wanting to stop Carson’s tears. I just wanted her pain to stop. Just like last night. She slowly calmed down holding on tight to her locket and me.
Zayn looked at me raising and eyebrow but i shook my head.

Carsons POV:

I sat being held by Niall. I had stopped crying but he still held on to me. I was glad.I didn't want him to let me go. I looked down at my Aunts locket. She gave it to me the day before she died.
I was visiting her in the hospital and she pulled the locket shakily from her neck handing it to me. "I want you to keep this with you always so that you can always remember me when I'm not here for you anymore. I want you to always know I'll be with you forever in here." She pointed to my heart. And i cried telling her she was going to get better but she knew she wasn't. The cancer was to far spread.
The doctors made us leave then tell us she had to rest.
The next day as I was getting ready to go to the hospital when my mother got a call. She hung up looking at me with tears in her eyes. "Sweetheart. Auntie Amy..shes gone to heaven." She released her tears as my father walked in seeing her crying he grabbed her and hugged her tight. I ran from the room to my bedroom. I cried as much as my tiny 5 year old body would let me. My Aunt was my favorite person in the world and at age 5 she was taken from me. I barley understood at the time what was happening. I only knew she was sick and that she had gone to heaven. 

"Where are we going to stay?" A somewhat calm Abby asked looking at me.
Before I could answer Harry spoke up. "With us of course. I'm not letting you stay at some hotel when we have a perfectly nice house." The other boys nodded. I was still in Niall’s arms praying he'd never let go. But we all stood and Niall released me slowly as we walked to the car to drive to the boys and now mine and Abby temporary home.

As we walked into our new home I couldn't help but feel very tired even though it was only around 3. My first two days in London were the most eventful in my life. I haven't had a chance to breath since i had arrived.
"Well this is it. Home sweet home." Harry said spreading his arms out. 
I didn't feel like talking and I could tell neither did Abby. We followed the boys upstairs awkwardly as they showed us our rooms.
"Abby you can stay in my room or in here if you'd like." He opened a door to a very nicely furnished room.
She sniffled. "I'll take it, I guess." She walked in. I could tell Harry was hoping that she would stay with him. We continued walking on as a few of the boys walked into there rooms as we walked we walked past a door with stuff thrown all over the place. Niall quickly went to shut the door and I knew it was his room. The only boys that remained were Harry, Niall and Louis.
"Carson, we have two rooms left this one," Louis pointed to the one next to Niall "or that one." He pointed across the hall. He tried smiling and I did my best attempt to smile back. But I was still upset. As i should be i move to london and my apartment burns up.I lost all of my pictures, my clothes, and my computer, phone charger. Everything. Thank god I had my purse with the money I brought over here and my passport.
"I'll take this one." Picking the one next to Niall. The three boys smiled supportively  as i walked in and Abby came out of her room.
"What do Carson and I do about clothes? And everything else we need. I don't even have a tooth brush anymore." She said calmly.
"We can go out for a few things today then buy the rest tomorrow. Are you girls doing anything?" Niall said looking between us.
I shook my head. "I'm free now, i guess." Abby commented walking toward Harry as he wrapped his arm around her. They were so cute even when they were sad.
"Yay! Shopping!! I mean the situation is bad, but i love shopping." Louis clapped. Banging on the other boys doors. "Shopping time boys!!! Let's go!" He jumped around.
I couldn't help but smile even in my mood. Niall and Harry laughed with me as i looked over at Niall and he looked at me. I looked away quickly feeling my face heat something was defiantly wrong with me. I just met him, I reminded myself.

"Oh I like this," Abby held up a baby blue shirt.
"Its cute." I approved. 
We picked out a few outfits each and went to try them on as the boys all sat on chairs playing on their phones or complaing we were taking so long.
"I want to go buy some new phone covers." Zayn complained.
"Then go." I could hear louis tell him.
"Fine, come on Nialler didn't you say you need a new one too?" Zayn said.
"Uh, no. Nope I'm gonna stay here." Niall kind of slowly said.
"Well fine, Liam?" He said confused.
"Fine. As long as I can go buy a new sweatshirt. I want a blue one. I ruined mine."  He commented as he left, while I twirled around in my dressing room. I like how this dress hung on me. I walked out going to show Abby.
"Abby! Can you come out here I want you’re opinion on my dress." I called looking at the boys Harry was on his phone texting, I guess. Niall and Louis were looking at me.
"I like your dress. It looks good on you." Niall seemed to blurt out. I blushed and thanked him. He turned away obviously embarrassed. But why?
"Oh Carson, it looks lovely on you. You have to buy it!" She smiled touching my arm.
"I think i will." I smiled into the mirror.

A few stores and few hundred dollars later we piled back into the car with bags of all the necessary things Abby and i needed,  and some of the boys shopping bags. Thank god I had a ton of money from working for the past three years. I never spent a dime no matter how much I wanted to.
"Well  I hope you girls bought enough. Because you have successfully broke the bank." Louis joked.
"Well someone had to do it." I told him. Smiling. Despite everything that happened today I was actually in a good mood. Shopping always seems to do that to me. I still had my locket, thats what mattered. I could get copies of the pictures and buy a new laptop and phone charger. Well I did buy a phone charger. I needed to call my parents and let them know what had happened.
Abby was in a much better mood too. Amazing what a simple shopping trip can do to a girl.

After we got home and put everything we bought away, I headed down stairs to see what the boys were up to. They were all cooking dinner by the looks of it. Well Harry was cooking the rest of the boys were just goofing off. "Smells good. What is it?" I asked looking over his shoulder.
"Spegetti." He said "and its done. Foods done!" He yelled upstairs as Zayn came running down. We all sat down to eat and the only place left when i went to sit was between Niall and Louis. I looked at Niall as I sat down and smiled. He smiled back then eating more spegetti. Harry was a really good cook
I looked at Niall threw the corner of my eye. I couldn't help but smile at how he took me into his arms today with out me asking. He always seemed to know when i needed comforting. I liked it. I smiled to myself.
After dinner we all went to watch a movie in the living room.
"Lets watch a scary one!" Zayn cheered grabbing one from the self.
"No!" I almost screamed as i sat down between Niall and Abby.
Everyone looked at me. I hate scary movies. They scare me and i can't sleep for days.
"I just don't like them." I blushed.
"Oh come on! If you get to scared you can come sit by me." Louis smiled and winked
"I..fine." I huffed.
Louis clapped, then opening his arms for me.
"No! I meant to the movie!" I blushed.
"Oh come on." He joked keeping his arms open making a puppy dog face, i just sat there shaking my head and rolling my eyes
"Come on Lou. Leave the girl alone." Niall said for me. I looked at him and smiled. He nodded as if saying your welcome.
The movie started and i was already scared. I gabbed a pillow and held it close. I screamed a few times threw the movie. I was hiding in the pillow and shaking. Someone was rubbing my back I didn't care who at the moment,  as Louis and Zayn laughed at made. "Its okay love. Its only a movie." And irish accent told me. I looked up and smiled.
The movie ended and i let out a sigh of relief. "That wasn’t so bad." Liam said.
"It was horrifying." I said.
They all found this so funny. I rolled my eyes.
"So a comedy now for the chicken?" Harry said and Abby punched his arm playfully.
"Please." I sighed.
They picked one out and the movie started. I leaned back on the couch and felt how sleepy i was. The last thing i remember is my head falling on someone shoulder but i was to tired to move it.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Told you they get longer xx 

Carsons POV:

I rolled over in my new bed and opened my eyes. For a minute i thought i was back at the apartment but then yesterdays events came flooding back to me. The apartment burned up, now I'm living with one direction. I still couldn't quite figure out how this had all happened to ME.
Oh my best friend Charlie would go crazy. She is over the top obsessed with one direction. She knew everything about them it was stalkerish really. I think she knew more about them then they did.I always sat and listened to her talk about them,which was all the time. I knew about half as much as she did. I was also forced to listen to their songs, they weren't all that bad. My favorite song was stand up or what makes you beautiful.
I also had bought their first album. I decided the moment i first herd them that Niall was my favorite. I don't know why. Maybe because hes Irish and i like Irish guys...but I also like british guys too. It could have also been his deep blue eyes, that I found myself lost in twice already in less than three days.

I picked up my phone, one of the few things that survived the fire only because i took it with when we left, and sent a text to Charlie.
"You'll never guess what happened to me."
An almost instant reply."Hey! Oh i've missed you! What happened? Are you okay?"
"Well...i think i might need to call for this." I mostly just wanted to hear her reaction.
I called and after her saying how much she missed me and how she wanted to visit me in London, i told her the whole story. As soon as the words one direction came out of my mouth she yelled. Loudly in my ear.
"Carson you better not be lying to me because if you are i will fly all the way to London to kick your ass!" She screamed into the phone.
"No. I swear I’m not lying." I told her the rest of the story how our apartment burned down and now where my new home was.
"I HATE YOU!! Do you understand me?!?! That is so un-fair! Now I'm for sure coming to vis. I may even stay with you. Yeah i think i will." She teased me.
"Please do! I miss you so much. Everything has been so crazy i can't catch my breath." I huffed.
"Neither would I! But i wouldn't be able to catch mine for another reason, if you know what i mean." We giggled. She loved, loved Liam. So obsessed. Always saying how hot he was, and how she would make out with him if she ever met him. Guess we may get to test that soon. Though I would have to talk to the guys about her staying here.
"Oh, tell me what all the boys are really like." She sighed.
As i started to tell someone knocked on my door. " hold on Carlie. Come in!" I called as my door opened and Niall walked through slowly. My heart stopped and my stomach flopped.
"Hey Niall." I smiled
"What?! Niall’s there?! Oh my god! You lucky and hes your favorite! Does he know, he is? You should tell him!" Charlie yelled from the phone and it was loud enough I knew Niall could hear and my faced heated.
"Favorite?" He chuckled. I blushed looking down. “Hey. Its cool. I just didn't know you had a favorite.Fan on the phone?" He smiled sitting next to me on my bed.
I nodded and he reached for the phone I handed it to him."whats her name?" He asked.
"Charlie" I played with my fingers.
He raised an eye brow  but said nothing. "Hey Charlie this is Niall Horan from on direction. Oh thanks i love you too. Yes i can tell. Really? Her favorite? No i didn't know. Really? You went to a concert together. No she doesn't. Of course! Yeah." I was going to make sure Charlie got an earful later. I knew she was telling everything I said about how cute Niall was.
"Well i guess I'll talk to her. Yeah I'll tell him. He'll be glad to hear it. Of course your allowed to. She is your best friend after all. Well I'll let you tell her all about it. Because I am starving and my foods done." He passed me they phone still sitting on the bed.
"Charlie?" 'Foods done' Niall mouthed smiling. I nodded blushing.
"Oh my god! Niall is so sweet and i told him allll about you! Your welcome! And he said i can come and stay with you guys for awhile! So I'm going to book a plane." She never slowed down.
"Thats great Charlie! And yeah were going to talk about what you said later. But I'm starving and my breakfast is done so I have to go. Text me later." I stood brushing my long blond hair.
"Oh you'll thank me one day. Trust me. But okay have a good time. Bye!"  She hung up.
"Well someones a big fan." Niall laughed holding my door open.
"You have no idea" I said as i started down the stairs.
He laughed. "Well I do know that I'm your favorite." He laughed again. I stopped turning to defend myself, but tripped and started tumbling down the stairs bringing Niall with me. 

"I'm so sorry!" I said for about the ten thousandth time. Niall sat on the couch with an ice bag on his head. I had one on my wrist . After we fell down the stairs Niall and I laid at the bottom all tangled together. He hit his head on the way down kind of hard and i bent my wrist as I fell. Nothing bad it just swelled up a little. I felt horrible about Niall though if i wouldn't have tried grabbing his arm as i fell he wouldn't have hit his head.
"Don't worry about it. Its just a bump." He said moving the ice pack as he finished eating his breakfast.
"Niall, you need to ice your head before you eat." Liam scolded.
"I'm hungry!" He complained.
"I'm sorry!" I said again throwing my hands in the air.
Niall laughed. "I'm fine don't worry. I'm more worried about your wrist. How is it?" He lifted the ice pack off of it. Under it was all red and splotchy from the ice and it was numb.
"Swellings gone down." He put it back, replacing his ice pack too. I bit my lip wanting to say sorry again.
Look at this. We know you less than a week and you have already injured poor Nialler." Louis said hugging Niall.
"Louis, i'm fine. Don't make her feel worse." Niall scolded him.But it was too late. I felt horrible about it.
"Fine. I'll go baby Carson. She looks upset anyway." He came and sat by me.
"Only because I hurt Niall." I said.
"He said hes fine. Hes Irish hes tough."Harry said trying to make me feel better. I sighed.
Then I herd my ringtone going off that Charlie had set for herself. Moments by of course one direction.
"Uhh is that someones phone?" Liam asked confused.
"Um its mine. Its Charlie, does anyone know where my phone is? I checked my pockets but it wasn't there. Zayn walked toward the sound he bent over and picked it up. It was on the floor by the stairs it must have fallen out of my pocket. He handed it to me.
"Carson? Okay so I have a flight that leaves at ten tomorrow." She told me.
"Great. So when you land I'll me you at the airport." I moved the ice pack it was starting to hurt.
Zayn raised an eyebrow. 
"Okay, i have to go and pack I just wanted to let you know. I can’t belive i’m going to meet One Direction! We went to a concert but this is nothing! I mean holy crap!"She was freaking out.
"Alright. Breathe. Love you. I’ll See you soon." I ended the call.
"Whos coming?" Harry asked.
"Well this morning Niall told my best friend and huge fan that she could come and stay with us for awhile." I explained shyly but if they were mad they could be mad with Niall. He told her she could stay.
They all looked at Niall who shrugged. "I was gonna tell you but i was pulled down stairs."
"I'm sorry!" I said again
"Only joking, love." He patted my arm. It skipped when he called me love and skipped again when he touched me.  He was smiling at me starring in to my eyes and I did it again. I got lost in them. They’re blueness warming me to my core.  What was happening with me? I must have hit my head too. I smiled at him as my cheeks heated.
"Well I have one question." Zayn said. "Is she at hot as you?"
I gasped my mouth dropping at the compliment. I think thats what that was suppose to be. I had never been called hot.  "Zayn!" Louis scolded. "That is hardly how to phrase that question. Carson is your friend as lovely as you?" He corrected looking at me.
"Ummm. I guess. Shes prettier than me honestly." I said shrugging. She was, she always had tons of guys after her but she turned them all down because she wanted to wait for the right one. She was an inexperienced with boys as me. Frankly boys intimidated me unless they were my brother or father.
"I doubt that." Niall said then froze realizing what he said.
"I..I mean your a very lovely person." He backed himself up. I smiled at him and he somewhat relaxed. Zayn looked at Niall. "What?" Niall asked. Zayn shook his head smirking. I blushed again. I never blush this much ever.
"Well are we going shopping or do we have to wait for these two babies to heal." Louis asked.
"I'm fine." I said. Niall agreed. "Great so lets go!" Louis jumped up.

Nialls POV:
I was putting on my jacket when Zayn and Louis came in.
"Hey mate." Louis said oddly.
"Yes?" I asked as him and Zayn shut the door and sat down on my bed.
"We know." Zayn said.
Well this isn't good. "Know what?" I turned to them.
"About you and Carson. Its so obvious. You don't have to lie to us. We understand." Louis said patting my shoulder.
"Nothings going on between us." I pulled my shoes on trying to ignore the idots in front of me.
"Oh please Niall. We know you better than you do. You like her. And we can all tell she likes you. So ask her out. Put us out of the suffering of watching you guys eye each other from across the room." Zayn said while Louis nodded.
"Guys. Seriously, she and I have nothing going on and she doesn't like me."
In a way I wish that she did, but it was obvious she didn't. Even if i was her favorite band member and she thought i was cute, so her friend said. That could have changed once she actually met me and she doesn't seem to interested in me. Even though she did fall asleep on my shoulder during the movie last night.
That of course got me some weird looks from the guys. Harry and Abby didn't notice to busy being into each other. Like they always have been.
After the movie was over i carried her to her room and she didn't even wake up as i did so. It was a new feeling having her in my arms. It was like I had the whole world in my hands and I would do anything to protect it.
"Niall really. Stop lying to us and yourself." Louis said.
Harry walked in, "Can we go? Even the girls got ready faster then you blokes."
"Harry, I'm sorry that its impossible to get all of this," louis gestured to himself, "ready and this sexy as fast as you want me too." Zayn and I laughed.
"Well Louis, your just going to have to learn. Maybe if you get ready in your own room it may help. I don't know. Just a suggestion." We all laughed walking out of my room.

Carsons POV:

Abby and I were again picking out as many outfits as we could. While most of the boys left us to go do whatever they do. Harry, Louis and Niall remained talking about..well whatever it is that guys talk about. Most of it was in hushed tones and I was to busy to try and listen.
"I love those jeans!" I told Abby.
"Me too. I'm getting them, are you buying those shoes." She pointed to the pumps i was wearing.
"Of course. I'm just glad I come from a  family who gave me money to get me started." I laughed.
"Yeah, they gave you a lot thank goodness you already hand an account set up." She walked into the dressing room as i put my shoes on.
"Yeah, I now. I got lucky there."
Carring my bags deciding what store we would go to next.
"I'm hungry. Who wants to go to Starbucks?" Niall asked. Everyone declined and i was surprised. I could go for coffee.
"I'll go with you Niall. I really want some coffee."  I offered. Abby smiled at me as well as Louis, Harry smiled at Niall.
"You guys are so weird." I said watching them all.
"We could say the same, bird." Louis said. He kept calling me bird saying i was trying to fly this morning but i hadn't found my wings yet.
"I'm not a bird." I complained facing away from him. It was getting slightly irratating, I can’t help my clumsiness.
"Not yet. Don't worry you'll get there." He patted my back and i rolled my eyes.
"Well come on then Little bird. Coffees this way." Niall turned toward Starbucks.
"Little bird. I like it good job Nialler." Louis approved.
I rolled my eyes again as we walked into Starbucks.

Let me know how you guys like it xx

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