How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


6. First Date


Carsons POV:

I tried on each outfit I had bought today and yesterday and still did't know what to wear tonight. I had to pick something that made me look....amazing. If i was going on a date with Niall, then I would look nothing less the stunning. I had Abby come in to help me decide.
"I like all your clothes but they don't quite have that, ‘oh my god this girl is really going out with me. Im so lucky' type of thing." She looked over my already huge pile of clothes.
"I know! What do I do?" I collapsed on my bed wearing the latest outfit I tried on.
She gasped, "Wait here!" And she ran out of the room. I looked at myself i the mirror, my blonde hair just almost reached my waist, i ran my hands through it as i thought of what to do with it.
Abby returned a beautiful dress. It was strapless and a dark blue.It kind of flared out toward the bottom. I took it from her slipping it on.
Oh. My. God. Carson that dress was made for you." She gasped.
I looked in the mirror and the dress hung on my nicely in a the right places. It hung low on my chest but not enough to show anything. It showed off the curves i had better than anything I had ever worn before.
"Oh, I love this dress." I spun as the flared bottom flew out around me.
"That dress looks so good on you. It looks better on you then me, and i bought the dang thing!" We laughed.
"Now my hair. What do i do with it?" I pulled at a strand smelling my shampoo as i let it go.
"I know just the thing, sit. Now I’m going to take over hair and make up too." she ordered I allowed her because i was helpless on what to do.
She plugged in my curling iron and my straightener. She left to go to her room returning with mountains of make up. I bought what i need and some few other things nothing like her.
She straighten and curled my hair, I'm not really sure what the point of both was but i didn't object. She turned me away from the mirror saying i couldn't see till she was done.She straightened my bangs and curled the rest.

After what seemed like days but was really only two hours later she added the finishing touch. "There. Its perfect." She said turning me around again to look in the mirror and I stared at the girl, that couldn't be me.
My hair was curled perfectly shaping my face and they looked loose and natural, some it partly pulled back and curled too. It still reached my stomach even in its curled state.My make up was done like i was going to a movie premiere, but not too much just the right amount for my outfit.
"Oh my god, Abby. I looking...not like me. I love it! Thank you so much." I hugged her as someone knocked on the door.
"Come in." I smiled at the mirror.
"I'm told I'm not allowed to. But i thought you should know that Niall is ready and waiting downstairs."
Harry informed us through the door.
"Alright, thanks Harry, give me 5 minutes." I said. I was ready but i needed time to make sure the mirror wasn't lying to me.
"You look beautiful. Go get him." She opened the door walking out first.
"Stay here till I say." She commanded at the top if the stairs. "Excuse me, everyone. Louis stop playing the game." I heard her say and i smiled.
"No, i can't. I'm about to...oh yeah!! High score bitches!!" He called and i giggled.
"Yes, we all very proud but i have something more important than games. May I present the ever gorgeous, Miss Carson Daily." I took this as my Que and started walking down the stairs, my heart was pounding as i felt six pairs of eyes on me. I met Abby at the bottom and she smiled going to stand by Harry.
"Close your mouth Harold." She scolded him, he did so but smiled at her.
All the boys expect Harry were starring at me. I could truly only really feel one intense gaze. I looked at Niall and he looked me over smiling.
"Louis, you kinda drooling." Harry commented touching the corner of Louis mouth. Louis swatted his arms away, still looking at me. I felt really weird as Niall walked up to me. "You looked wonderful." He said smiling like an idot who just won the lottery.
"Mhmm." Zayn agreed while Louis nodded and Liam just stood there holding his phone.
Niall coughed and the boys snapped out of their trances and slowly walked into the living room.
"Have a good time!! I'll miss you guys!!" Louis called as we walked out of the door.
Niall just rolled his eyes making me laugh.
"Where are we?" I asked as we pulled up outside a restaurant.
"This is a restaurant." He said as if i couldn't already see that.
"I had no idea from see the people inside eating." He laughed climbing out of the car and jogging to open mine before i did. He opened it and i slid out.
"This place, I picked just for you though. The other day didn't you tell Abby your favorite food was i think you put it 'mac and cheese'." He grinned.
"Yes? Why?" He opened the door.
"The whole menu here has something to do with noodles. Mainly 'mac ane cheese'"
The person at the front counter of the restaurant lead us to our seats.Niall pulled my chair out and I sat. He went to sit as our waiter walked up.
"Good evening, my name is Will and I will be serving you tonight. What can i get you to drink?" He smiled at me.
"Just a glass of water, please." He nodded turning to Niall slowly.
"I'll have a tea." Niall was starring Will down as he starred at me. Will walked away to get out drinks.
"That was awkward." I looked at my menu.
"He does seem um...I actually don't know the word for it." He shook his head.
"Scary. Creepy." I offered. He smiled, "yes."
I looked over my menu and read, four cheese noodle stew, boiled noodle soup, baked five cheese noodles and tons more odd , untasty sounding.
"So how'd you find this place?" I asked.
"Google. Its a very new handy tool people use nowa days." He laughed.
"Oh yeah. I think I read about it once. I'm not up to date on all the new technology."  I kept my face serious.
"Well since your now living with very technology informed people, I think we can change this" we both laughed as our drinks came.
"Have you decided what you would like or do you need a few more minutes?"
I looked at Niall who nodded. I took that as an okay to order. "I'll have the baked five cheese noodle special." He nodded again looking at Niall. He ordered same as me in an extra portion.
"So are you excited for tomorrow?" Niall put his head in his hands waiting for my answer.
"Way past excited. I still can't believe how it happened so randomly. If i had never taken my pictures out, then i wouldn't have been picked at all." I was so over joyed.
"I'm sure you would have found something. I've seen your work. Your talented." I blushed. Getting a compliment wasn't something I hadn't experienced before, it was just a compliment from Niall. He was smiling at me. His smile was so cute. I've herd people say that its messed up. I think it just makes him cuter. My eyes moved up to meet his and I was almost instantly lost. I forgot where we were, why we were here, who was around. I also didn't care. His eyes were so bright and so happy. They just lit up the room and his face.
"You blush so often you should just paint your cheeks pink." He teased.
Before i could even process what I was about to say it came out. "I only do it around you." This of course made my face even brighter.
Niall smiled at my response."I didn't say it was a bad thing. Girls who blush are cute."
"Are you calling me cute?" My heart beat quickened and the butterflies went insane.
"No. You blush to much to be cute. Your beautiful." He was looking into my eyes again.
My heart skipped a beat as he said that. Me, beautiful? Yeah right.
"I don't know about that." I claimed.
"What does that mean? Don't tell me that you don't know your beautiful?" We both laughed as we realized the irony in that question.
"No, I'm just average." My smile fading.
"Your way above average, love." My heart almost stopped and I smiled. Him calling me love in his accent made me want to just bounce up and down. I calmed myself and still not holding back a giggle as our food arrived.
After eating our surprisingly good dinner we got back into the car, going i had no clue where.
"Were to now?"  I asked turning on the radio.
"Another surprise." He laughed and I let out a long sigh. Its wierd how comfortable I felt with him. Like we had known each other years instead of days.
It wasn't long before we reached our destination.
"Ice skating?" I froze.
"Yeah, whats wrong?" Niall asked concern filling his voice.
"I..just can't ice skate. I've tried and its always a disaster." I whispered. Last time i tried i broke my uncles leg.
"Well now you have the ice skating king to help you." He hopped out and i followed slowly. This was going to be bad.
"Niall,  if I end up harming you in anyway. I apologize in advance." I coughed.
"Well apology accepted. But you'll be fine. You have me." He grabbed my hand intwining our hands together and we both stopped. "Oh um, is this okay?" He left go fast.
"No. Its perfect." I grabbed his hand back. He smiled, just as a camera went off.
I saw a man turning and running back to his car i guess. Great, i thought.
"Sorry. I don't know how they found us. But hes gone now. Still want to go inside?" He looked back toward the guy. I nodded going forward.

"Niall, this is helpless." I held onto him as tight as i could. I had already fallen twice and hit my head. Niall said we could go but I thought i could get it, till now.
"You almost have it. Now here place you feet like this." He showed me. I did as he said and he started to move taking me with him, his hand on my lower back.
"Were doing it!" I cheered. We went around the rink a few times, laughing and smiling, passing couples as we went.I could feel his hands on me as he helped me skate. He felt strong and sure of what he was doing. I smiled at the thought that I was with him.
Then he let go of me and i started off on my own, and i started to panic. "Niall!" I yelled and I fell backwards landing on my butt. "Ow!" I rubbed my legs were i hit them as well.
"I'm sorry! I thought you had it!" Niall helped me up. "Want to leave?" He asked.
"Please. My whole body is sore from falling 500 times." He helped me out of the rink.
"Only three times love. Well i have one more stop, can you manage?" He took his skates off.
"As long as it doesn't involve skates, I'm good." He laughed.
I waited in the car as he took pictures with a fan that had recognized him as we left the skating rink. This night has been good so far, I did fall a lot but it was still fun. Niall had admitted he thought i was beautiful, even though I clearly wasn't. He must have been being sweet. I still wondered why he asked me out on this date. I wasn't anyone special just a normal girl. I wasn't going to protest though.
He got into the car waving to his fan. "Sorry about that."
"It's fine. Now where is this last place?" I knew he wasn't going to tell but it was a good try.
"Nope. Just another surprise." He laughed knowing by now I hated that he won't tell me.

We drove for about ten minutes as we talked about the new album. All the boys were really excited, they wanted all of their fans to hear their new music. Niall was worried that, their fans would hate it. I assured him, they would love anything they made, as we pulled up to a park.
"A park? What are we going to do swing?" I laughed.
"Something like that." He reached in the back and pulled out a basket.
I followed him as we walked hand in hand, I might add through the park.
"So were having a picnic after eating?" I guessed.
"Close." He laughed. Walking me to a grassy spot laying down a blanket from the basket.
"Were going to have desert while we watch the stars." He pulled out a container of cookies, another with marshmallows and another with chocolate covered strawberries.
"Very nice." I approved. He handed me a cookie and a marshmallow. I ate them. I took a strawberry laying down starring at the stars. They looked so bright and beautiful.
"It's so pretty." I muttered.
"Yes, you are." Niall smiled watching me.
I giggled blushing.
We finished the strawberries and cookies laying back on the blanket. We sat in silence watching the stars.
"Look! A shooting star make a wish." I cheered closing my eyes.
I opened them looking at Niall who was looking at me.
"What'd you wish for?" He ask turning on his side to face me. "Can't tell. Won't come true."
"Well can I tell you what I wished for?" He asked.
"No! It won't come true!" I put my hand over my ears.
I could still hear him say. "Can I show you then?" I moved my hands. "How?"
He smiled and he put his lips on mine.

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