How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


9. Chapter 9



Caraons POV:
"So, you and Niall huh?" Charlie winked at me.
"Kinda. Ever since last night." I smiled as we sat on my bed eating popcorn while a movie played but we weren't really watching.
After we picked Charlie up we all went out to eat.All the guys kept asking us about the concert and how much we loved them. I told them the truth, Charlie was the insane but dedicated, as Louis calls his fans. I was more of the, oh yeah I like them not really obsessed. I mean dedicated.
We ate and talked after Abby forced Harry to stop making fun of us and yelling at the other boys as well. Niall just kept saying how he thought it was cute, this only made the boys tease more, but he didn't care.
"So you kissed, or as the say here snogged?" She giggled at the new word.
"How'd you know they call it snogging?" I popped a pice of popcorn in my mouth. "I watch T.V and plus when you and Niall went outback when we came home. All the boys were saying how you two were probably back there snogging. And it was true." She laughed again putting popcorn in her mouth.
My face heart. So they did know what we were doing. We weren't making out. It was only one kiss.
"They are so nosy. I'm not used to it. I love them all really, but they just know everything!" I fell back on my bed.
"Yeah, they are boys. They're probably listening right now, thinking were in our underwear having a pillow fight." We both laughed at the stereotype guys make up.
"Are you going to soon?" Louis yelled from behind the door.
"Louis! You idiot, you've blown our cover!" Zayn yelled and we herd a loud smack sound. "Ow!" Louis yelled.
"Good job mate." Liam said obviously laughing.
I flung my door open to see all three of them on the ground close to the door.
"Oh hello Carson. Lovely weather to sit by a door, don't you think?" Louis said smiling up at me.
"Oh yes, just lovely. You may want to try another door. Looks as if things by this door has a ver high chance for a thunderstorm." I scowled at all three of them. Liam wasn't even paying attention to me, he was busy starring at Charlie as she sat on my bed, watching the whole scene. Still in shock I think, that we live with One Direction.
"Oh no fellas. I think we had better go. Can't have a our new friends getting angry with us." Zayn stood laughing.
"Fine, but let us know if your going to have that pillow fight.  We like pillow fights." Louis laughed with Zayn.
"Mhm. I'm sure you do."  I looked at Liam who was still smiling at Charlie while she stared at him. It was very odd.
"Liam, lets go mate before Niall comes and sees us." Zayn grabbed his arm helping him up.
"Before Niall sees you doing what?" The Irish man himself said from the other end of the hall.
"Well this wont be good," Louis whispered, then louder he said, "Niall my dear boy. We were just observing how sound proof the doors are in this house. And I don't think they work at all. You can hear everything. Its disgusting really, someone could use that to spy on a couple of lovely girls, as we have here." He gestured to Charlie and I.
"Yes, it is disgusting Lou. I mean what kind of sick person would do that?" I put my hand on my hip raising an eye brow.
"Why, i haven't the slightest clue. Do you boys?" He looked behind him as Zayn and Liam tried holding in there laughter as they shook there head. "Right see we don't know who." Louis smiled.
"Well boys thanks so much for your protection over the girls. I think I have it now." Niall grabbed my hand. Zayn and Louis nodded snickering as they walked away. Liam stood looking at us, "I actually had a purpose coming out here then I found those two spying and they talked me into they're evil ways. I was coming to ask Charlie if you would enjoy to go get tea with me." He looked at Charlie who now stood in my doorway.
"I'd love to." She blushed bright pink. She walked past me.
"Going to have tea!" She squeaked.
"I see. Have fun." They walked away and I turned to Niall.
"So Mr.Niall. Would you enjoy to finish my movie with me?" I hoped.
"I don't know I mean i was kinda planing on-" He started.
"Theres popcorn." I interrupted him.
"Great then lets go." He hugged me as we walked in my room.
A movie and a half later I lay snuggled into Niall chest.
"So, I forgot to tell you. My photo shoot that I'm doing is next Tuesday at 2." I told him.
"I'm still really proud you got that. Wait Tuesday at 2?"
"Mhm." I said taking in the smell of him. It was very husky, but it smelled so good. It was intoxicating.
"The lads and I have one the same time. Odd." He sounded surprised.
"Niall my shoot is One Direction." I laughed at how obvious it was.
"Oh! So you'll be taking our pictures in our prime sexiness then?
"If thats how you want to take it then yes." I giggled snuggling into him while he held me tight.
"Niall?" I barely whispered sleep taking over.
"Yes, love?" He played with my hair.
"Will you stay with me tonight? If you want to?" I mumbled sleepily.
"Of course, love. Nothing would make me happier." He smiled as he pressed a kiss to me cheek and I fell asleep in Niall comforting arms.

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