How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


8. Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Friends Secrets 

“I’m here to see Jack Larson. I have an 11 O' clock appointment." I told the man at the reception desk.
"Are you Carson Daily?" The man asked typing something on his computer.
"Yes." I nodded
"You may go in. Mr.Larson is expecting you." He smiled at me.
I walked to the double doors as they opened. "Miss Daily, it is a pleasure. Please come in." I shook his hand doing as he said. "Have a seat. Would you like a glass of water?" He asked.
"Yes, please." I sat in a chair by his desk that had his name on it.
"So I saw you with Niall yesterday. How do you know him?" He made conversation.
"Well I'm kind of living with the boys for now." I didn't tell him me and Niall were dating. I'm not sure if Niall wants me to yet.
"Oh. Very nice. Well I know all the boys very well. They're lovely boys." He handed me my water.
"They really are." I agreed.
"So down to business. I told you yesterday I think you'll be perfect for our upcoming photo shoot. Do you think you can do it?" He eyed me.
"I know I can sir. Taking pictures is my life's passion." I added.
"Well I know you can too. So its next tuesday at 2. You'll be taking pictures of One Direction for their new album coming out and for a new magazine article. Is that alright with you?"
"Wait. One Direction as in the band Niall’s in?" I was shocked.
"The very same. Is that a problem?" He raised an eye brow.
"No! No. I was just shocked is all.I'll be there."
"Great. You'll need your own camera, as well. We have professional studio ones. But bring it anyway. Also is it possible that you drop off a few of your shots you had with you yesterday? I want to look them over and show them to the board." He took a sip of water.
"Of course. I actually have them with me today. I brought them incase you wanted to look at them again." I took them out of my bag handing them to him.
"Prepared for anything. A very nice quality." He took them. "I shall look these over later, I'll give you a call should anything changes." He nodded I took this as my dismissal.
"Thank you Mr.Larson. This means a a lot to me." I shook his hand.
"You welcome. I'm pleased to be working with you." He nodded and I left.
"So how'd it go love?"Zayn asked as i got in the car.
I faked sadness. "Guys, he said that after thinking it threw he didn't think I had what it takes." I fake sniffled.
They all looked like they didn't know what to say then suddenly everyone started talking at once. Niall hugging me, louis saying, "I'll call jack right now. Make him change his mind!"he pulled out his phone. I stopped him trying to talk over over them all saying how sad and wrong that was.  "Guys!" I shouted. "I'm only playing! I got it!" All of their faces fell, including Niall.
Louis was the first to speak, "Not cool babe." He shook his head smiling.
"I can't believe your a good actress!" Zayn said.
"Why'd you do that?" Niall asked looking down at me from my spot next to him.
"I just wanted to mess with you guys." I looked down.
"It was a good one too! I almost called Jack and yelled at him." Louis said, everyone laughed.
"I'm sorry, I won't do it again." I told Niall. He smiled kissing my forehead.
"Please don't."
"Well now off to the airport to meet our new friend..Carlie? Is that her name Niall?" Louis said.
"It's Charlie, for the tenth time Louis." Liam said rolling his eyes. Charlie would be glad he remembered her name.
"I'm sorry but what kind of name is Charlie for a girl. Americans have the strangest names ever. Sorry little bird, but you do." He laughed.
"And little bird isn't strange?" I questioned while Niall grabbed my hand.
"No its very good nickname. Isn't it Liam?" He patted Liam’s back hard.
"I find it very appropriate from the other days events, sorry little bird." Liam concluded.
"Well Liam, I have news for you. Charlie told my secrets so I'm telling hers." Niall laughed knowing what I meant while the others looked confused.
"Liam. Your her favorite, she has more posters of you then anyone.
When we went to your concert in Chicago last year, she had a shirt that said Mrs.Liam Payne, and yes i will admit to it. Niall’s my favorite, always has been, sorry guys. I know how much that must hurt you all and I had a shirt that said Mrs. Niall Horan because she made me wear it. I don't care how much you make fun of me. I'm proud I wore that shirt." I concluded.
For a second they all sat there with big smiles on their faces, then they burst out laughing
"Oh my god! Mrs.Niall Horan! No way!" Zayn gasped.
"Looks like things worked out huh Mrs. Horan." Harry laughed eyeing me and Niall.
"Did you really wear that babe?" Niall smiled and i nodded proud. "Thats cute." He kissed my temple. And i blushed.
"I'm truly hurt. Why was I not your favorite? Am I not good enough?" Louis looked hurt.
"No, I dunno Lou." I really didn't know.
"Its because I'm not Irish. You racist bastard. Niall your dating a racist!" Louis looked appalled.
"Its fine by me." Niall said. I smiled.
"And I am not racist! I have a black friend back home in Chicago. Hes gay, but hes one of the funniest people I know." I laughed.
"Oh now your hating on gays! When does the hate stop Carson?! When? Niall what have you gotten yourself into?" Louis shook his head in disgust.
"The best thing ever." He smiled at Louis, while I smiled at him. Hes really to sweet!
The guys continued to crack jokes about the shirt, until Abby stopped them. "Guys, it's not that funny. I think its cute. She went to one of your concerts and now look, her and Niall are together. Its like a cute love story. Being kept apart until the right time." She smiled at us.
All the guys burst out again even me and Niall.
"Sure it is love, sure it is." Harry said holding her hand while she scowled at him.
"Well lads and...girls were here lets go meet Mrs.Liam Pane."Louis laughed while Liam looked disapprovingly at him.
We all waited for Charlie to come out of her terminal while the boys kept making jokes and Niall whispered in my ear,"Ignore them. I think its cute." His breath hot on my ear.
"Me too." I said loud enough for everyone to hear.
"Awwwh, look guys couples first whispers. Quick someone take a picture. Oh never mind, the paps have that job down for us." All the boys laughed while I smiled up at Niall not caring what they say.
"Carson!" I herd someone call my name. I turned to see my best friend running toward me smiling. We grabbed each other in a tight hug.
"I missed you, apple sauce." She said as she let me go. Niall raised and eye brow. I shook my head signaling an 'I'll tell you later'. Not that I wanted to explain how I got that nickname.
She turned to Niall slowly. "Niall hi! Thank you so much for letting me come and stay with you guys. I missed my beat friend. We've never been apart for more than two days most of our lives." She told him. It was true we were always together since we were 3 and met at some class our parents went to.
"We'll its great to meet you. Carson’s told us so much about you." He told her.
"Oh I bet she has. Payback for what I told Niall?". She eyed me. She knew me so well.
"Maybe. Why don't you ask Mr.Liam Payne?" I giggled.
"No! You did not tell them about our shirts did you?" She looked mortified. Good thats how I felt when she told Niall.
"She most certainly did." Louis punched Liam’s arm. I could see all the guys looking at Charlie. Giving her he same look they always give me. The up and down look.
"I'm sorry Liam. I'm really not some stalker I promise." She blushed.
"Its cool. I'm sure you can tell us all kinds of stuff about little bird here." Liam wrapped his arm around my neck.
"Little bird?" She asked.
"Long story, I'll tell you on the way home." I said grabbing Niall’s hand.

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