How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


7. Chapter 7



Carsons POV:
I turned on my side as i stretched out. I felt really happy, probably from last night. I smiled remembering. Everything was so perfect. It was an almost movie perfect night. Would have been perfect if I could have skated. Even the creeps who took mine and Niall’s picture last night didn't bother me.
The whole night was perfect, just like Niall. He was so amazing. I can't believe I kissed him! Well he kissed me, but still. He had such soft kissable lips I touched my lips remembering.

Niall pushed his lips on mine while I still lay on the blanket facing the stars. My eyes closed and with out thinking my arms were around Niall’s neck as i pushed into the kiss. Little bits of electricity shot through me. Like little fireworks going off. I loved every single second of it. He broke it away, my hands still at his neck while he hovered over me one arm on each side of me.
"That. That is what I wished for." He had said almost glowing.
"Me too. Aren't you glad I didn't tell you. It couldn't have come true." He laughed grabbing my hand as he laid back down.

That had been the most wonderful first date and kiss of my life. I had been on a few first dates, not to many, not to little. And that had been the best. It was never awkward. We always had something to talk about and when we didn't talk it was a comfortable silence.
Niall had to be the sweetest boyfriend ever. Wait..was he even my boyfriend? He wouldn't just use me to just kiss and leave me. No he wouldn't. But he never did ask me to be his girlfriend, maybe that was just implied after he kissed me. Maybe him not asking me was a way for him to say he didn't like the kiss. Oh god. I had to go talk to him.
I knocked on his door next to mine. No answer. I walked in with my eyes closed, a habit I made after seeing to much of my older brother and his girlfriend once. Not something I wanted to relive. Not that i thought Niall had a girl in his room, but you never know what could be happening. I slowly opened my eyes to find his messy room empty.
I walked to the hall running into Liam.
"Hey Liam, do you know where Niall is. I need to talk to him."
"Yeah. Hes out by the pool. He uh needs to talk to you too." He shrugged.
I walked to the pool passing the boys messing around in the living room. They got silent as i passed.
"Morning Carson. How'd you sleep?" Louis asked semi cheerfully.
"Good thanks. Niall still by the pool?" I pointed outback. He nodded.

"Niall?" I slid the door closed. He was starring at the his IPad.
"Carson, hey I have to talk to you." He said standing.
"Yeah, me too."  This couldn't be good. He looked worried. "You go first." I wanted to see if he was going to tell me last night was a mistake so I wouldn't look stupid asking if we were a couple.
He ran his hands through his hair. "Well, you remember last night when that guy took our picture?" He sat down, signaling for me too also. I sat facing him. "Yeah, why?"
"Well the picture was sold to the press and I  didn't see them but, other people took our pictures too." He handed me his IPad, it read.
Teen pop star Niall Horan was seen last night with one very lucky girl. Who is his lucky date? Our sources tell us its a girl names Carson Daily. The two were seen holding hands outside of a restaurant then later seen ice skating getting very close. So does this mean that the Irish hunk is now taken? Only time will tell whats in store for these two young people.
The pictures below were me and Niall holding hands, the next was a few of us at the skating rink, mostly me holding onto Niall.  I blushed just looking at them. He had to be so embarrassed.
"I'm sorry. I had no clue they were there. And all the hate your probably getting, I can understand you not wanting to be my girlfriend anymore." He looked down running a hand threw his hair again.
"So we are dating?" I perked up.
"Oh..I mean i thought after last night..are we?" He looked embarrassed. It was cute. I laughed.
"Thats what i came to talk to you about. I wasn't sure if we were dating after last night or not." I blushed.
He grinned. "Of course, if thats what you want. I'd love to be your boyfriend but only if its what you want."
"Of course its what I want!" I replied to fast causing us both to laugh.
"You know that people are going to talk, and take pictures and come up with lies. I just don't want to see you get hurt." He looked down upset.
"Don't worry. I won't listen to them. I don't care what they say. I only care about being with you." I confessed blushing. Niall smiled.
Louis picked now to open up the door. "Oi! Carson your phone wont shut up, keeps playing moments and some other American song. Thats kind of catchy I'll admit. Not that I object to moments but it won't shut up!" I ran to get my phone.
"Thanks Lou." I smiled and he winked going back inside.
"Crap!" I said.
"What is it?" Niall looked worried looking at my phone. I had tons of notifications but i ignored them for now.
"Charlie, lands at noon. I have my interview at 11. That I need to start getting ready for, its already 9." I looked at him fanatically.
"Okay how about. The boys and I will meet you at Jacks building after your interview then we'll all go pick Charlie up together. Sound good?" He opened the door waiting for my answer.
"Yeah. Okay, that works. I have to go get ready now." I ran upstairs to go and get ready for my interview, even though I think I already have the spot.

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