How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


12. Chapter 12


Carsons POV:
I lay awake playing with Nialls hair. He was asleep still and I couldn't bring myself to wake him. I slid out of bed slowly. I made it without waking him. I liked it when he slept with me. I didn't have nightmares when he slept with me. I went into his bathroom and started the shower. I waited for the water to heat while looking at my messy appearance in the mirror. My hair was in a tangled mess of curls down to my waist. It was so long maybe I should cut it. I liked it long though. My eyes had tiny bags under them from staying up so late lately. The boys fault.

I wrapped a towel around me grabbing my stuff hoping no guys were in the hall as I passed a still sleeping Niall who mumbled in his sleep. I got closer trying to see what he was saying. It was mostly unreadable until i herd him whisper "Carson." One simple word, my name. It made me smile as I walked into the hall. Could he be dreaming about me? Glad mine and Niall’s rooms were so close. I thought I was clear until I grabbed my door handle and herd someone close their door.
"Well. Look at this. Carson sneaking around trying to go unnoticed. Hard to do in a house full of boys." Harry laughed. I turned but he was already walking down the hall. I slipped into my room. I pulled on some underwear then some short shorts and a bra and flowery spegetti strap tank. Curled my hair, then running my fingers through it to loosen then as some one knocked walking in.
"Hey." Charlie smiled at me coming to sit on my bed.
"Ooh, hello." I winked at her appealing eyeliner.
"So, what happened last night?" She eyed me.
"He sang for me. He has such a wonderful voice. Then we fell asleep. What about you? I saw Liam go tell you goodnight?" I laughed as  I put on mascara smiling at how great my life is.
"Oh well we talked then did a twit cam, I had never done one before. It was fun! Then we fell asleep and I woke up with his arms around me then we took a walk to start bucks and now we are home. Everyone else was sleeping besides Harry and Abby but Abby left,had a photo shoot or something i dunno. so now only Harry and Liam are awake and so quite." She lay on my bed playing with my stuffed bear, I got from my brother before i left home.
Speaking if my brother. I needed to call him. It wouldn't be late there so I will now, before I forget.
"I know. Its odd. Wanna call Jeremy with me?" I picked up my phone seeing i had tons of tweets but ignoring them for now.
"Of course!" She rolled over facing me as i fell on my bed.
I dialed his number and pressed send. "Carson?" I herd my brothers voice ask over speaker phone.
"Yeah! Hey bro! Whats up?" I smiled. I loved my big brother, i missed him like crazy.
"Hey sis! Nothing sitting here with Layla reading through baby names. How about you? Mom told me that Charlie was moving over there with you. Is she there?"
"Yeah shes-"
"Heyyyy Jeremy! I'm right here! Hey Layla! I like the name Liam! For a boy." I shot her a look.
"Of course you do Charlie. Isn't that boys name from that band you guys went and saw? Carson?" Layla my brothers wife asked me.
"Yeah. Hes kinda maybe not sure Charlie’s boyfriend." I raised and eye brow and Charlie shrugged.
"Boyfriend? She just got there and shes already taking control of the males in London?" He teased as I laughed.
"Fyi Jeremy, your sister took control before me!". She defended herself. Crap. Now I had to tell.
"She did? Sis what poor mans heart did you take already?" He questioned.
"His names Niall. Hes in that band too." I waited for his reply.
"A band hmm? He better treat you good!"
"He is, trust me. Hes amazing. I really like him Jer." I confessed and I did like him. A lot. Just the thought of him had me smiling like an idiot. He was so sweet, and caring and protective.
"Well Charlie you better keep her safe or I'll be flying over an Ocean to protect my little sister." He laughed.
"I'll take good care of her. I promise." Niall said sitting beside me after making me scream because I had no idea he was there.
"Oh my god Niall. You nearly scared me to death." I put my hand over my too fast beating heart.
"Sorry Love. Didn't mean too." He put his lips to my forehead. I smiled.
"Is that him." My brother asked.
"Yeah. Its him Jer. Might have to fly out here he almost killed her from scaring her." Charlie giggled.
"I dunno. I think Carson’s a big girl." He defended.
"Thank you Jer! I love you and miss you! Tell Layla and the little baby I love them too!" I said.
"I will. We love and miss you too. Be safe.Niall you better keep her safe!" He added.
"I will." He hugged my side.
"Good, well I'll talk to you guys later. Layla wants some ice cream. Bye love you."
"Bye, love you too." And i ended the call.
"When did you get in here?" I asked.
"Hmm about the time Charlie said she likes the name Liam." He laughed as she blushed.
"Layla is having a baby, I suggested a name. Nothing more." She stood her face red and walked out shutting the door behind her.
"I was also here to hear that I'm amazing and that you really like me." He nodded at me.
"I was merely sticking up for you in front of my brother. Hes very over protected had been for years." I stuck up for myself.
"Oh come on. I know how awesome I am. And so do you."
He play nudged me. I pushed him back. He smiled as his lips found mine. Are lips molded to each others. We broke away gasping for air.
I lay back down on my bed Niall laying next to me pulling me close.
"What are you plans for today love?" He played with my hair.
"Spend time with my awesome Irish boyfriend?"
"Correct!" He kissed my head.
We both lay there for awhile. Content with how we were laying. My phone went off with another tweet I picked it up it read,
@CarsonD Stay away from my man! No one likes you!
This stopped me. Her man? Another fan? Sending me hate? I scrolled threw my other texts. Some were similar calling me awful names. Some where saying how cute Niall and I were. How did people know? We hadn't told anyone anything. Besides everyone in this house and now my brother. I jumped off the bed. Niall looking at me like he was worried.
"Whats wrong?" He sat up. I shook my head grabbing my laptop and logging into twitter. People had posted so many links tagging Niall and me. I clicked one. It was a picture from yesterday Niall and I were both swimming. 10,324 comments.
I scanned threw them
"Shes such a slut. Shes not even pretty, why is he with her." I gasped. I'm not a slut! I know I'm not the prettiest person ever, but this is just rude.
"She needs to stay away from him."
"They look so cute together!"
"Awwh shes so lucky!"
"What is Niall thinking being with her?"
"They won't last a month."
"Guys! Shut up! You don't even know if their dating!"
Then one that I admired, "Everyone stop hating, your all just jealous shes done nothing wrong. Leave her alone!"
Niall came up behind me. He saw what i was doing and rubbed my shoulders. "Ignore them love. I'm sorry. They're just jealous. Don't listen to anything they say. Please?" He spun me around so I was forced to look at him. All I could do is nod.
We had just started dating and somehow people already knew that we were dating. I was already getting hate. Even with all the hate i still had Niall. It was worth it. No one even knew if we were dating for sure. They had no pictures of us kissing. No proof. We could just be friends.
"Now. I have to shower. Are you going to be alright? Or do I need to fetch Charlie?" He looked at me.
"I'll be fine." I chocked out. He nodded kissing my hair he turned to leave.
I turned back to my computer not wanting to see anymore but unable to stop myself.
I went back to twitter and found a link to a magazine page. Did i want to read it?..... No. I clicked on it anyway.
Teen pop star Niall Horan, in a relationship?
Yesterday the famous boy band one direction was spotted with three other girls. One of them being, Carson Daily, the girl Niall was spotted with a few days ago. The two were seen swimming together at a beach early yesterday. The group was seen swimming and having a good time. What got so many fans asking questions is how close Niall Horan,18 and Carson Daily, 17 were seen. They were seen swimming together and even Carson on Niall’s back at one point. So many fans wonder, are they dating? Some already seem to think that they are. Many fans have already tweeted, these two teens asking if they are together. Some fans already saying shameful things to Carson. If they are really together can she stand the hate? Leave your thoughts on the situation below.

There were tons of pictures. Me with Abby and Charlie. Me on Niall’s back. Niall with all the guys. Niall and me swimming away together. Me and Niall smiling crazy at each other while we splashed each other.

This was all so crazy, and so fast. Niall and I hadn't been together for a week and people already wonder. We
Needed to be more careful. I didn't know if he wanted them to know yet. What happens when everyone does find out? The hate will get worse, the article was right. Can i handle all the hate?

Hope you guys like it so far! xx 

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