How love Found Me (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Carson is moving to London for a year after just graduation high school. She first arrives and her new room mate takes her out to a club and there she meets the 5 people that change her life forever and 1 very important boy that shows her the meaning of true love. But can the love last after something very tragic happens to the couple forcing them apart?


11. Chapter 11


Carsons POV:
"So what happened with Liam last night?" I asked Charlie as her,Abby and I lay out tanning, or as Abby called it sunbathing.
"Well we went downstairs had some tea, we talked outside by the pool. Hes so easy to talk to I feel like I could spill my heart out to him. But I won't cause I just met him. But then we decided to go for a swim, so I went and then we swam for what felt like forever. Then we decided it was late and went up to bed. He walked me all the way to my door. Which is sweet even though hes like three doors down." She giggled blushing while drinking out of her water bottle.
In a way I knew how she felt. So happy, so able to take on the world.
"Aw! You guys are so cute. Even if your not dating. You will be." Abby gushed.
"Really? I mean we just met. And even if i do know everything about him, it'd be so wired a relationship that fast. It would fail, we know nothing about each other really. Like the good stuff. We haven't had time to build a connection yet. You know?" Her face fell as she looked at me.
"Oh god, Carson. No I mean you and Niall will last. Its obvious, but Liam and I its more complicated. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that." She apologized.
"No. Its fine. I know what you meant. I think I’m gonna go cool off with the boys for awhile." I stood bushing off sand. I could hear the boys of the crash of the waves. They were always so loud.
"I really am sorry." She tried.
"I know. Its fine." I brushed it off. But i had thought the same thing, what if we rushed into it too soon. It could fall apart just as fast. It won't. We just started dating. I can't have those thoughts now. Or ever.
"Carsooon! Come swim with us!" Louis called as he got dunked by Zayn and Harry.
"Coming!" I called stepping in slowly, closing my eyes, letting the water rush over my feet. Swimming, and taking pictures have always been the two things that always calm me down. Stressing is something that I do a lot of and I had to find ways to cope.
"Carsooon! Hurry up!" Harry yelled. I opened my eyes watching all five of the boys mess around, splashing each other, dunking. A special boy turned to me and started his way toward me. I smiled watching him as he came closer.
"Hey babes." He smiled at me looking me over. "I like your swim suit." He eyed me.
"Niall!" I hit his arm laughing.
"Come swimming?" He pulled me in deeper.
"Do I have a choice?" I giggled as he pulled me close in the water. We were up to Nialls waist and my high stomach. I was a lot shorter than him. Standing here I realized how much shorter I really was.
"Nope." He popped the p smiling as we went deeper.
I wrapped my hands around his neck as he grabbed my waist.
"Awwwh look at you two, come here Niall I want a hug too!" Louis said dunking Niall forcing me under too.
"Louis!" I gasped wiping water from my eyes. "What was that for?!"
"Sorry love. Was trying to dunk Nialler here, not you." All the boys laughed.
Niall jumped on Louis back as they were laughing. Louis was forced under while Harry cracked up more.
"Watch it Styles or your next!" Niall said swimming by my side again as Louis reappeared laughing.
"Who wants to play chicken?" I asked looking at the boys.
"Chicken?" Niall asked.
"Yeah you know. Where two people get on other peoples shoulders and try and knocked the other person off?"
I explained.
"Ooooh. Yeah lets play!" Louis said cheerfully. "Liam! Hop on my shoulders." He motioned for Liam to get on.
"Whos going against us?" Liam asked climbing on.
"Nialler, and little bird!" Harry yelled already lifting me on Nialls shoulders. I yelped.
"Easy there. Alright there love?" Niall asked grabbing my knees.
"I'm okay." I straightened myself on Niall.
"Ready?! Set?! Go?!" Zayn yelled as Louis and Niall walked toward each other while Liam and I are one their shoulders.
As they got closer Liam and I pushed out hands together trying to push the other off. He pushed on my hard and I almost fell back until Niall grabbed on hard to me pushing me forward and pushing against Liam who caused Louis to sway. Harry and Zayn shouted encouragement at us.
Louis got himself steady again and Liam pushed again smiling and winking as he pushed me and I couldn't push back anymore and I fell taking Niall with me.
"Oh man Carson. I had my money on you." Harry wrapped a hand around my neck. I smiled.
"Thanks Harry." I shrank out of his grasp, just as Abby, and Charlie came swimming up to us.
"What are you doing guys?" Charlie asked.
"Playing Chicken." I told her.
"I want to play!" She chirped. All the boys jumped at excitement with the other girls playing.
"Want to go swim with me?" Niall asked wrapping his arms around me whispering in my ear. I nodded feeling his breath on my ear.
He lead me away without any of the others noticing. They were too involved with they're own game. We sam far from the others.
"Want to go as far as we can?" He smiled at the challenge.
"Lets do it." I giggled.
We stared to swim as I put all force in my swimming speeding away from Niall and far ahead of him. I didn't realize at first I was doing this. I just wanted to feel my mussles burn from swimming. I stopped realizing how
far ahead I was. I turned seeing Niall treading water starring at me as I swam back to him.
"How did you swim so fast?" He asked watching me.
"I don't know. I didn't mean to get so far ahead sorry." I dipped my hair in the water smoothing it out.
"You can swim fast!" He laughed
"I dunno. I guess." I smiled as he laughed at me.
I yawned as we all sit out by a fire. My head leaning on Nialls chest as the boys passed around marshmallows to each other.
"Tired love?" Niall looked down at me. I nodded smiling at him calling me love. "Want to leave?"
"No. I want to stay here." I smiled looking at everyone. They were at laughing and enjoying themselves. I wouldn't break this up because I was tired.
"Carson want a marshmallow?" Zayn offered me. I shook my head. Niall took them popping one into his mouth.
"Who wants to tell scary stories?" Louis asked.
"No!" I suddenly sat up, wide awake.
"Come on babe. It will be fine. You have Nialler there for you." Zayn tried.
I looked at Charlie my eyes wide. She knew i had scary stories, movies all of that. She was sitting by Liam.
"It'll be okay love. I promise." Niall wrapped his hands around me.
I sighed knowing I was going to loose. I gave in pushing into Niall tight.
My eyes fluttered open to find Niall was carrying me up the stairs. What happened? I must have fallen asleep after Louis horrible story. Niall had to hold onto me the whole time whispering that it wasn't real. I could picture it all happening. I had way to good imagination.
"Your awake. Sorry I was trying to get you to bed, without waking you." He was holding me bridal style.
"Almost made it." I snuggled into his chest as we entered my room. He laid me on my bed and kissed my forehead. "Goodnight love." He looked at me. His face only inches from mine. I pushed up pressing my lips to his.
"Goodnight." I smiled after pulling away.
He walked toward the door a giant grin on his face. He kept looking back at me until he closed the door behind him. I jumped up, rubbing around to find a cute pair of pjs. I pulled out a pink top that was kind of Lacey but I loved it. Then pulled on matching shorts did my hair in a bun. Rushed to brush my teeth then walked out of my room and found Liam walking toward me stopping when he saw me.
"I was just uh..going to tell Charlie goodnight." He blushed. I giggled knowingly.
"Great. Have fun." I winked and he laughed knocking on her door as Niall opened his.
"I thought I herd you. What are you doing out um pajamas?" He gave me and up and down.
"I had to ask you something." I blushed causing him to smile.
"Yes?" He stood in his door. I put my hand on his chest pushing him into his room and closed the door as Charlie and Liam watched from across the hall. Charlie gave me a thumbs up and smiled as Liam winked.
"This must be serious. Please Miss.Daily. enlighten me of your question." I laughed how formal he sounded.
"Can I stay with you tonight?" I almost didn't get out.
"Of course love. Anytime you want.". He wrapped me in a hug planting a kiss on my head.
I crawled into bed and saw his guitar on his bed and a single plane pick laying next to it. I remember when my mother forced me to learn. I was horrible at it. Couldn't play at all. Piano I can play. Anything else, don't bother trying.
"Were you playing?" I asked running my finger over it.
"I was. Barley though." Hr grabbed it going to put it away.
"No. Can I hear? Please?" I looked up at him.
"Uh. Sure. He sat down on the edge of the bed facing away from me. He positioned his hands and started to move his fingers and beautiful notes filled the room.
I recognized the song at once. It was one of my favorites by Bruno mars. At first he just played with no vocals then his voice filled the air.
If you wont believe me baby.
Leave some morphine at my door
Cause it'll take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have we don't have it any more.
I listened to him as he continued the song. His voice was so wonderful. It gave me goosebumps how good he was. I loved the sound of his voice. Everything he spoke or sung was beautiful, like him. I sat with my hands in my lap as he sang the last lines.
If you walk away, everyday it will rain rain rain raiiin.
He sat with his hands still in place not moving I moved and put my arm on his back. "Niall. You have a perfect voice. I love it." I kissed his cheek.
He laughed. "So I've been told." He got up and put his things away then coming to lay next to me. I suddenly felt how tired i really was and curled under the covers as Niall held me close.
This day has been nothing but perfect, i smiled drifting off to sleep dreaming about the man who held me in his arms.

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