Everything is not as it seems..

Anna wants to have a good life.. But she can't do that while her step dad is around.. But while her plan is in action.. Someone she used to love comes back.. Who is it.. WIll her life be normal?


2. The plan.

Jenny's P.O.V

"The plan is going down tonight." I said to Anna. "Do you have your suitcase?" Anna said. "Yea." I said. "Girls!! Go outside and mow the lawn!! It better be mowed when I get back, Or else!" Nick said. "It's time." Jenny said. I heard the door slam.. Anna looked out the window. "He's gone, let's go!" Anna said. We grabbed our suitcases and headed downstairs. "Okay.. GO GO GO GO!!" I said. We ran about 5 blocks ahead with our suitcases. Down the street we saw Nick's car. "Look.. NICK!!" Anna shouted. "Quick.. Umm.. The bush!!" I stated. We both jumped into the bush and hid in there. We saw his car pass by, and speed up when he saw the lawn not mowed.. We ran 10 blocks.. and while Anna stopped I kept running and soon enough I fell and bumped into someone.. I looked up and it was Anna's ex boyfriend.. Niall Horan.. Anna's mouth was wide open.. "Hello lady's" Niall said. "Jenny quick run!" Anna shouted. She started running.. When she passed me I grabbed her by the arm and stopped her.. Her face turned red and she looked to the ground. "Why are you guys in a rush?" Niall asked. "No reason" Anna said.. "We have to find somewhere to stay." Anna whispered to me. "If you need a place to stay, you can stay at my house. The boys and I are on vacation for a little while" Niall said.. "Really? I wouldn't want to take advantage." I said. "No it's no big deal" Niall stated. Anna looked really embarrassed when I said that.. We walked to Niall's house together.

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