Everything is not as it seems..

Anna wants to have a good life.. But she can't do that while her step dad is around.. But while her plan is in action.. Someone she used to love comes back.. Who is it.. WIll her life be normal?


4. Love is real.. Right?

Jenny's P.O.V 

Anna and I went upstairs to unpack. Anna has been here before so she knows where everything is. She walked out of the bedroom I guess to go to the bathroom.. I was changing thinking the door was locked. Niall came in while I had my bra and jeans on.. I turned around.. "Niall what are you doing here!" I said while covering my chest area.. "Sorry. I should've knocked first." Niall said. "Where's Anna?" He asked.. "She is in the bathroom" I said.. He came closer to me. He gazed into my eyes and leaned toward me. He kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes and just went with it.. We started laying on the bed and making out. I was actually enjoying it but something felt wrong. I opened my eyes to see Anna in front of the door. I get up and stop kissing. "Anna I didn't mean to.." Anna ran off.. I put on a shirt and ran outside.. I catched up to Anna. "ANNA! I am soo sorry!" I said. "It's okay, I'm not mad. It's fine." She said trying to hold in her tears. "I am really sorry again. I didn't mean to he just came at me." I said to her. "It's fine. I don't like him. Why do you think I broke up with him." "Well are you sure?" "Yes." She said. "We better get inside before someone catches us." I said. "Ok" She wiped her tears and and went inside.

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