Everything is not as it seems..

Anna wants to have a good life.. But she can't do that while her step dad is around.. But while her plan is in action.. Someone she used to love comes back.. Who is it.. WIll her life be normal?


5. Falling for him???

Anna's P.O.V 

I still couldn't believe what Jenny did. As I thought about it over and over again, I was wondering why should I care. I was the one who broke up with him. As I walked in the room I was Jenny and Niall snuggled up on the couch.. I tried to hold back the tears. And again I thought I BROKE UP WITH HIM. I sat on the couch.. "So are you guys a thing?" I asked Jenny. "Well.. Are we Niall?" Jenny asked Niall. "Absolutely" Niall stated. "Oh that's cool." I said. Liam Payne walked in. "NIALL!!!" Liam shouted. Niall stood up and hugged Liam like he hadn't seen him in a year. All I could think about was how cute Liam was.. His eyes, lips, hair, personality, everything was perfect. I couldn't believe what I was thinking. Was I really falling for him??? I mean the way he flipped his hair.. Was soo adorable. Niall walked toward us and introduced Jenny first. Jenny stood up and shook hands with Liam.. Then he introduced me. "This is Anna, you remember her right?" I stood up and gave him a hug. "Hi Liam long time no see" I said. What was I saying!! Long time no see!! I am such an idiot! "Hey Anna yea I remember you.." He said to me.. The way he smiled at me just caught me off guard.. I heard in the background "Anna, Anna, Anna are you ok??" Jenny said. I shook it off and said "Yea I'm fine"

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