The Outcasts.

All school have ‘social groups’ no matter where they are, some more obvious than others and some are barely noticeable. The key ones I’ve heard of are the ‘populars’, the ‘emos’, the ‘geeks/nerds’ and sometimes you just don’t fit into one at all. You become a social outcast. The worst thing is, it can ruin your whole social status as well lasting up to when you get a job or even retire. It is all about connections everyone would tell you, if you know the right people you’ll get the right things. Everyone is so selective I guess, they all have a goal or dream of what they want even if they are unaware of it themselves.


3. Robbie's


I got home as I heard cackling coming from the kitchen/dining room avoiding it quickly and heading to my dad's study opposite the stairs on the main hallway on our second floor. "Hey dad," I said as I walked in to see him on his computer concentrating.
"Oh hi love, how was your day? I didn't realize you would be home early, mum has her group round so stay well away!" My dad explained to me.
"I know I could hear the cackling the minute I walked in. It was okay, I'm heading to Robbie's tonight with the rest of my friends if that's okay. I'll be back a sensible time promise and he will probably pick and drop me off [I forgot to mention Robbie could drive as he attends to sixth form linked to my school that I too attend in the first year] How are you?" I responded letting my dad know my plans, he nodded just as his phone rang so I walked out his study shut the door and left him in peace. I ran to my room knowing I should change out of my clothes and into something much nicer for Robbie's. I put on something legging as I found my acid wash hot pants and grabbed any band merch top I had from my cupboard, making effort but not looking like I did. Smart! I grabbed a jumper of Robbie's I stole the night of that party when my life was changed forever.. It still strongly smelt of Robbie's aftershave making me smile slightly. I felt my phone buzz, I picked it up and read it realizing it was from Robbie, "Lucky you getting to leave early ;-) I'll pick you up on my way home and you can help me organize my house and make it tidy 'cause you love me ;-) See you soon beautiful.<3" I laughed and shock my head replying, "You're jealous, you wish lazy ;-) hurry I'm bored yeah!" I sat up and grabbed my make-up bag off my bedside table, knowing I would have to feel pretty to be confident. It sounds stupid, I know but it's true I always feel I'm not good enough to fit in with my group of friends, I mean they are always naturally beautiful and stunning.. Then there is me. Robbie constantly tells I am but he has to say that, no boy is rude enough to say a girl is ugly, I just smiled and thanked him even though he knew I didn't believe him. I kept to natural make-up enough to fit in but also enough for Robbie smile that I wasn't layering it like I use to with the populars. I heard a car honk from outside, grabbing Robbie's hoodie and pulling it on I ran down the stairs checking I had my keys and phone then ran out not bothering to say good-bye, my dad knew where I would be and my mum didn't care. I jumped into the front seat of Robbie's car and shut the door, I smiled as I turned round to face Robbie, "oh hi there stranger," I said as he pulled me lightly on to his lap as I hugged him round his neck and he kissed my neck lightly. "Oh hey there beautiful," he said as he started his car and I strapped in. I loved riding around in his car, just alone time with one another really. That's how I got to know him, endless hours driving to nowhere. You see, we found this area about half an hour away, a country park I guess. We found a spot, our spot, where we just talk even if it rains heavily we sit in his car radio playing, heating blazing with hours of talking. "Oi day dreamer!" Robbie announced smirking like an idiot; I shoved him lightly as I stared him deeply in his crystal blue eyes. He smiled that cheeky grin at me, my heart fluttered as we drove on reaching his house so soon. I climbed out as Robbie opened the door for me and pulled me straight into his arms, I looked up at him only inches away, and he looked at me and leaned in. I stood on my tiptoes as we deepened the kiss, I smiled against his lips as he pulled away making my smile drop. "Later, you're supposed to be the goody-toe shoes!" Robbie announced winking at me and dragging me into his house where Gabby, Troy and David sat on his sofas (common 'out-casters') I smiled at them as Robbie pulled me on to his lap, the thing is we acted like a couple but I had no clue where I stood with him. It was frustrating but at the same time perfect in ways, you don't have arguments and I know I can kiss him or talk to him whenever I want to. "Where’s the other loser?" I asked the group the boys just shrugged their shoulders leaving Gabby to reply, "They are heading over now I think,” Mel said they were just grabbing food and shiz." I nodded in reply, I felt Robbie poke me and I turned round and raised my eyebrows at him. "X-box?" Robbie asked everyone and us all jumped up heading to the game room on the second floor connected to Robbie's room. I grabbed a bean bag as the boys hogged the sofa as more of the group entered, Robbie's door was always open to us as we didn't really have anywhere else to hang out and he loved to annoy Michaela. I smiled at Robbie as the eight boys started to argue who would play X-box first. In defeat Robbie and the four others including Troy and David lost their right to playing first as I went to grab a drink. I reached the kitchen grabbing a diet coke from the fridge and a packet of crisps, "you alright babe?" I heard Robbie ask making me jump slightly. I turned round to see him leaning against the door frame looking drop-dead sexy, I nodded unable to reply speechless over his presence. He chuckled, "you know I love effecting you like that," he said cockily and I just rolled my eyes at him while blushing lightly as he started to walk towards me.
"Like what?" I replied winking at him and also taking steps towards him.
"Oh you know, like that," he responded pulling me closer making me catch my breath as he done so. He laughed and winked at me, I blushed a more crimson red. He leaned in as our lips touched lightly, he placed his arms tighter round my waist as my arms fell round his neck deepening our kiss. 

A few minutes later I pulled away smiling to see Robbie also smiling, "Baby I think this is a bit overdue but will you be my girlfriend? I just want to call you mine and for everyone to know you are," Robbie announced blushing happily and I just kissed him again to tell him 'of course I would'. I pulled away as he wrapped his finger into my own still smiling as we walked back to the game room, finding everyone arguing so retreating to his bedroom next door. "I can't believe your the girl that sobbed in my arms a few months ago now a completely different person. I must say I use to think you were a fake barbie round my sister but here I am seeing you for who you actually are and I get to call you mine." Robbie said happily.
"I use to think you were just Michaela's loser, outcast brother who I should avoid at all costs to keep on Michaela's good side. Now, here I am in your arms and finally myself away from the populars." I replied smiling at him as well as Michaela crashed in off her head.
"Why are you here, you're so fake get out of my house now!" She barked at me as she pulled me up as she nearly fell over. Robbie rushed to my side pulling me out of Michaela's tightening grasp and slurred words, "you need to sober up idiot!" Robbie snarled at her putting himself between us. I just shrugged at whatever he said, nothing she said hurt me like it use to, to be quite honest I don't believe she is really all that 'great'. She takes pleasure in putting people down and it could push you over the edge... like literally over the edge. "You call her fake but you're the one with your 'clones' copying your every move. To be honest, yeah she use to be fake to fit in with you... But now here she is my beautiful girlfriend, so sober up or I'll call mum and dad and tell them everything!" Robbie snapped once again as he pushed her further away from me and some of our friends came into the room putting more space between us two. 
"Whatever you slim ball, I hate you as my brother. Have fun with your fake girlfriend you suit one another, both stupid." Michaela replied stumbling to his door and exiting to her room. Someone shouted abuse at her I wasn't sure who as I felt my legs give in with warm tears roll down my cheek, I soon felt Robbie's arms tightly hold me closer to his soothing body as I sobbed into his shoulder letting everything out. I didn't even know why I was crying, I guess I was just over-whelmed I could finally call the boy who rescued me 'mine' but here I was blubbering like a baby just because of a few words his sister announced in her drunken state. I mean she's said worse to me when she was drunk when we were friends, come on buck up your ideas! I thought to myself and took a deep breath, I pulled away from Robbie's comforting chest to just see us to sitting in one of the corners of his room and the silent noise of the X-box next door, I sighed this is the first time they've seen me cry except Robbie. He's seen me at my best and my worst yet here he is still soothing me, telling me everything will be okay even if I don't believe him in the slightest....

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