The Outcasts.

All school have ‘social groups’ no matter where they are, some more obvious than others and some are barely noticeable. The key ones I’ve heard of are the ‘populars’, the ‘emos’, the ‘geeks/nerds’ and sometimes you just don’t fit into one at all. You become a social outcast. The worst thing is, it can ruin your whole social status as well lasting up to when you get a job or even retire. It is all about connections everyone would tell you, if you know the right people you’ll get the right things. Everyone is so selective I guess, they all have a goal or dream of what they want even if they are unaware of it themselves.


5. Perfect

I must have fallen asleep in Robbie's arms as I woke up to see Robbie laying beside me still heavily asleep as I was wrapped in his arms. I turned to fully face him and kissed his nose lightly as his eyelids fluttered open and a smile grew on his face, "hello there sleepy head," Robbie said before yawning as I giggled at how cute he looked with his bed-hair. "Oh hey there," I replied as Robbie stretched being careful not to hit me in process as I got up from his comfortable bed then collapsing straight back into his waiting arms. "A perfect way to wake up," Robbie announced making my smile grow stronger. He smiled back at me, I placed my hands round his neck pulling him closer so my breath was on his neck making him shiver underneath my grasp. I smiled at the effect I had over him and knew he didn't know he done the same to me, "mm I can say the same," I replied against his lips before kissing him as I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled away to see a text from my dad 'When are you planning on coming home? Because your mother and I would like to go shopping but need you home', I sighed and got up out of Robbie's arms. I knew Robbie had read my text as he too got up and he would most probably walk me home to avoid his parents just a bit more to see the time was half eight in the morning, we must of had a long sleep. Robbie passed me a hoodie as we both knew it would be cold this early in the morning as we left his house. The breeze encircled us making me shiver lightly, as Robbie put his arm safely round my waist and kissing my cheek lightly. We walked fast as he knew I could get cold very easily to say the least, I would always wear layer upon layer consisting of Robbie's jumpers as well just to make sure I would be warm. We were now together finally as ever since we meet people said we should be together mainly our group, taunting us and joking about every-time we got close or we kissed, it was a private joke always making all of us laugh. 

We reached my driveway far too quickly as I pulled Robbie close and pecked his lips lightly, "I love you princess," Robbie announced then kissed me again and I smiled.
"I love you too boo, you can come round after my parents have left. I'll text you when they have boo," I replied and kissed him then pulled away worried my mum or dad would see, I kissed his cheek and walked up my driveway turning away to see Robbie leaning against my front gate smirking and winking at me. I rolled my eyes, knowing how arrogant he could be as I reached my front porch and grabbed my keys out my pocket to open my door. Well, this should be fun. I thought to myself lightly, knowing my mum would have a huge hangover as I walked in and walked up to my room so I could take off Robbie's hoodie before my mum would see knowing she would quiz me about my where-about's and I couldn't be bothered with that this early in the morning. I grabbed another jumper of mine and walked downstairs to the kitchen with the aroma of freshly grinned coffee in the air. "Morning Annie," my dad called as I entered the room and took a seat at the breakfast bar next to mum.
"Morning daddy and mummy," I replied politely pecking them both on the cheek.
"Where were you last night?" My mum questioned as I sighed knowing the 20 questions were about to start.
"I slept round Katelynn's [one of the girls] mum with some of the girls for a movie night after going round Robbie's when he picked me up yesterday. I came back early as I know you and dad want to go shopping today and want me to stay in, in case Penny from next door pops round for her parcel." I replied knowing that would answer all my mum's questions. She nodded in satisfaction and carried on with her breakfast as my dad winked at me. I grabbed something pancakes and tucked in suddenly feeling really hungry. 

After breakfast, I helped my dad wash up and tidy the kitchen as my mum went to get ready wanting them out the house as soon as they could really to get Robbie round. I piled all the clean cutlery in the draws arranging them like my mum liked or she would complain about the eventually and dried off the other plates or dishes my dad washed. We finished the kitchen just as my mum entered looking stunning in a fur coat, plain white top and black skinny jeans with high ankle boots she bought last week on our shopping trip. "You look amazing mummy," I told her knowing she would disagree but believe it anyway.
"Thank you sweetie, now in case we are out for a long time here is fifty pounds for lunch, dinner or if you decide to go out, just let us know if you do go out." My mum explained passing me the money as I was slightly suspicious as to why she was being so nice. She would normally give me strict instruction to what I had to do for her due in the day, which consisted of grocery shopping or something similar.
"Thank you mummy, of course I'll let you know by either texting you or daddy." I replied as I slipped the money in my jumper pocket making a mental note to order pizza for lunch or dinner if I could be bothered. My dad smiled at me, I knew he must of had a word with my mum last night when I was at Robbie's as he said he would try to make mum go easier on me.
"Good girl, now let's go Kristie and give Annie some free time!" My dad announced basically dragging my mum out the door as he grabbed his car keys, wallet, phone and jacket of the kitchen table. "Bye sweetie!" He turned back giving me a tight hug as my mum waved good-bye as she climbed into our range rover. I shut the door behind them, running up to my room and pulling open my wardrobe doors. I flicked through all my clothes stopping on a black dress I use to be in love with and decide to wear it with some pattern tights. Yes, I tried too hard most probably. Oh well. I got dressed and pulled on Robbie's jumper happy with how I looked so texted Robbie to come round when he could.

I ran downstairs to see Einstein my tabby cat walk in and fall into his bed next to the door, I heard scratching at the door and opened it to see Barney my husky bound in and jump up at me making me nearly tumble over. I saved myself, giving Barney the love and affection he was craving. "Hey boy," I cooed to him, then placed him back down; at ten months he was still quite small but I knew he would soon grow bigger and grow into his strength. I walked over to Einstein and stroked him softly as he purred leaning into my hand. Einstein was an old cat of my auntie's but when she moved to America, she couldn't take him with her to her disappointment so I agreed to take him into my care.

I grabbed my laptop of the side from where I must have left it and logged in to Facebook and ''. Now, let me explain to you what '' is if you are unaware. It is yet another website in which people can ask you questions, or whatever they want to with the choice of doing it anonymously. The thing is I hate it, don't ask me why I have it because I'm not sure myself. I guess it's to learn what people actually think of me. When the party disaster first happened all I received was countless abuse constantly for quite a short period of time, then it stopped to my relief and I thought that was the end of it until about two weeks ago when I started receiving serious death threats. It caused me to self-harm and I am still lightly... I'm too stubborn to delete it or report like any other person would in my situation... I do the worst thing possible. I bite back, I turn on the person who sends me them publicly. It is a stupid idea I know but it's how I deal with it, it puts my mind at rest of how people actually see me and my friends are always fighting in my corner slagging off all the person anonymously post all over my ''. I try not to take it to heart but of course like most people would I do, I find myself feeling so insecure on some days that I fake being unwell just so I can stay away from school. Most people would say just delete it for christ sake. I won't, I won't make them feel they have defeated me just yet. I had my Robbie and my friends! Everything seemed perfect if I ignored the death threats.. if I ignored all the bad things in my life.

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