The Outcasts.

All school have ‘social groups’ no matter where they are, some more obvious than others and some are barely noticeable. The key ones I’ve heard of are the ‘populars’, the ‘emos’, the ‘geeks/nerds’ and sometimes you just don’t fit into one at all. You become a social outcast. The worst thing is, it can ruin your whole social status as well lasting up to when you get a job or even retire. It is all about connections everyone would tell you, if you know the right people you’ll get the right things. Everyone is so selective I guess, they all have a goal or dream of what they want even if they are unaware of it themselves.


4. Making promises...


"Annie, I'm sorry..." Robbie said softly as he pulled me back into his arms, I squeezed his waist but pulled away wanting to be able to look at him.
"For what boo?" I asked shyly, he had nothing to be sorry for honestly.
"Her, that thing, my sister. She's a cow; everything she said is bull..." Robbie replied raising his voice slightly making me shrink away as I never liked it when Robbie became angry. He was to say the least unapproachable, he could snap so easily but he barely ever got angry round me knowing it reminded me of that party.
"Baby, it's not your fault... I know it is. Sometimes, one thing can push me over the edge and I break. I'm sorry I always fall onto you since the day we properly meet, you've been there. That's one reason why I love you, so calm down and just forget about it...” I sighed lightly as he took a deep breath as I rubbed his arm gently knowing it would help calm him down. He lightly smiled and kissed me on my cheek before getting up and pulling me with him. "Forgotten, now come and watch me beat the losers on X-box!" Robbie announced dragging me into the games room as the boys made a space for him in the 'gamer's area' and I stayed with the girls starting to talk about a party coming up and what we would wear (yeah we were outcasts, doesn't mean we don't know how to party - we party hard). The boys sometimes acknowledge us to brag about winning their current game then switched back to zombies, us girls just spoke always finding something to either bitch or complain about, we're girls what do you expect? My phone rang silently beside me to show my dad's number, I picked it up and walked into the corridor, "Hello daddy?" I answered.
"Hey sweetie, if you can try and stay round one of the girls tonight as your mum is drunk and you know what she's like when she is!" I sighed heavily, my mum was a heavy alcoholic and it never ended well, she said things - things she might not mean - it broke me, some of the things she says a mother shouldn't say to her daughter. It was one reason I started to self-harm, I had no way out so it lead me to another scar, another pain release. You may call me attention-seeking but how else can I deal with it. It started before Robbie, before I found my true friends, I had no-one. I was isolated! Every deep cut with a sharp razor leaked pain, the pain I stored inside. I only done it lightly when I was driven to the edge and over, I tried not to rely on it too much knowing it would leave scars or someone would notice and judge me straight away. Of course, my parents never ever noticed in the six to twelve months I continued to pull that razor over my pale skin, they stood out. I hid them well to say the least, knowing everyone would see them on my wrist so I hid them. Cutting my thighs and hips only often though, not enough to scar I promise. I never told anyone because I don’t want their sympathy, I don’t want to see their judgmental face when I admit what I do and I don’t want counselling all it does is highlight our problems, yeah it could help but there is always a chance it could make it worse. I mean you can lie so easily; they can’t push you to open up to them, can they? “Of course daddy, I hope mum sobers up for your sake. See you tomorrow,” I told him even though I would most probably end up staying at Robbie’s. The realization of it being Friday kicked in and I sighed with relief before hanging up on my dad, I walked back in to join the others to see the boys still transfixed on the video-games The clock above the T.V read midnight and I was surprised to where all the time went, no wonder Michaela was off her head and this time of night. There must have been a party like every weekend nearly, they would find a reason to drink and smoke if they could or just be typical teenagers and hang round street corners. The boys stopped playing and paid attention to us as everyone started to leave slowly, saying their good-byes and either heading home or crashing at someone’s. Within about fifteen minutes, Robbie and I sat opposite each other fingers entwined with each other’s, smile drawn on our faces, “do you have to leave?” Robbie asked sounding sad at the idea. I shook my head lightly as I leaned into kiss him lightly as his grin grew. We pulled away and he pulled me onto his lap holding me closer leaning his head against my shoulder lightly. I loved these sorts of moments, you know like the ones in the movies where nothing mattered but the person you love, it's amazing really ever since Robbie came to my rescue I've been waiting for a moment like this. Yes, we have had a few but we are drawn apart by our family's strong disagreement... I mean in my mum's eyes Robbie is still an outcast and trouble causing me to lose my old social status that I detested, on the other hand to Robbie's family I am just a mistake and something that will push the boundaries of their crumbling status any further over the edge. I breathed deeply and nestled into the crook of Robbie's neck as a question lingered in my mind, "why are you state as an 'outcast'? I mean your family has a high status," I questioned trying not to sound to snobby even though it probably did.
"Well, you see I never really understood the whole status chart placed in every society. I use to be like you popular as hell, feeling like the world was at my fingertips but I soon had a reality check after getting with a girl and she cheated on me with a guy who was supposed to be my best mate. So, I gave up on popularity and spoke to who I had the most in common with ending up to what people class as 'outcasts', my parents were disgraced really I have to admit but they got over it as they had my sister to gain their great social status really." Robbie explained happily knowing it would put his mind at rest to tell someone as he probably never has before.
"Really? I would never have imagined that... wait that sounds really rude, I'm sorry!" I replied and suddenly thought about what I was saying.
"Course it doesn't baby, yeah I know. Sounds weird but like you it was the best choice of my life, I have everything I could of asked for and more. I have you!" Robbie said as I smiled at him happy I was his finally.
"But you didn't even realize I existed until you saved me from that party, right?" I asked curious of how long Robbie had noticed me.
"That's the thing, I did... At first I must admit I thought you were just a clone of my sister. Then, I saw how you acted with the others you never really fitted in, I took it on myself to make sure you didn't get hurt by of the tools my sister is constantly with. You seemed different; I had to save you from them. You have never been like them, no matter what people say or said to me you were. That party I saved you, I got the chance to be your knight in shining armour... Something I longed to be for a while." Robbie admitted as I saw his cheek blush lightly. I smiled at how cute he looked and kissed him.
"I’m really glad you did," I announced making his face light up happily as he blushed even more.
"Did you ever notice me then?" Robbie questioned as I blushed lightly and tried to change the subject, "come on, I told you!"
"Fine, yes I did. A lot of the time, every-time I came round yours with Michaela I always noticed you but you looked disgraced every-time I saw you looking at me. I pushed it aside, telling myself you were Michaela's outcast brother and I didn't want anything to do with you. Then, that night at that party... the words you said stuck with me. It made me realize that I didn't need to be fake to have friends, you took me under your arms. My affection grew for you, I told myself I was stupid to think you would ever feel the same, I thought you must find me annoying and still see me as one of Michaela's clones to be honest. The minute we shared our first kiss a few months back, it clicked inside me that I wanted you to be mine and I yours. So, here I am. The real me with a boy who I truly don't deserve in the slightest," I responded as my cheeks blushed a heavy crimson as a smile grew across Robbie's face the more I spoke. He didn't say anything, he just kissed me but that told me everything I need to hear and feel; he felt the same. "Promise you'll never leave me?" I whispered lightly unsure if I wanted to hear the answer...
"I promise I will never leave you and if you try I will fight to keep you," He replied as I kissed him deeply once again.
We broke apart as I yawned causing Robbie to carry me princess style to my bedroom and lay me down in my bed making sure to tuck me in before joining me. No words were spoken, they didn't need to as I fell into a deep sleep in Robbie's secure arms.


If we are outcasts so be it, I'd rather be that than just a simple clone of someone we will never be. I'd rather stand out from the crowd, we were all born as originals so why die as a copy?

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