The Outcasts.

All school have ‘social groups’ no matter where they are, some more obvious than others and some are barely noticeable. The key ones I’ve heard of are the ‘populars’, the ‘emos’, the ‘geeks/nerds’ and sometimes you just don’t fit into one at all. You become a social outcast. The worst thing is, it can ruin your whole social status as well lasting up to when you get a job or even retire. It is all about connections everyone would tell you, if you know the right people you’ll get the right things. Everyone is so selective I guess, they all have a goal or dream of what they want even if they are unaware of it themselves.


2. Joining

I took a deep breath and walked over to my new group of friends, it was hard to get use to being an 'outcast'... No-one cared about you except your friends within the group. To everyone else you was either a target for bullying or just a shadow on the school social rank. It was nice feeling part of the group, it was completely different to the 'populars' it is amazing I ever thought I belonged in that group... Robbie has helped me even when his sister and her clones turned on me making me feel worthless. I received threats from anonymous number and even thought of killing myself. My parents disowned me, it didn't last for long but Robbie was there for my fall always promising it would get better and he was right. I officially joined the group and realized it was nothing like I thought it was, they were so accepting and I made friends. Real friends! "Oi, daydreamer," I heard Robbie call pulling me back to reality as I took my place next to him. The whole group laughed knowing how much of an airhead I could be, "sorry I was just enjoying the view!" I replied winking at him as he just placed his arm round me. He came close to me, our lips only a few inches away, "I know I'm irresistible but try to control yourself." he said confidently I just shock my head and rolled my eyes joining in the conversation with the rest of the group. I looked up to see Michaela and the clones head towards us, I looked away trying to hide my face as all the others noticed as the tension grew. I felt Robbie squeeze my hand before putting space in between us only for my own safety knowing how spiteful Michaela could be. "Brother, mum told you to say you can have some of your losers round tonight as I'm out partying so you'll be home alone," Michaela stated as she looked down on us from her very high horse.
"Thanks, sister. Bye," Robbie said and went back to talking to others, she scoffed and walked away with the clones following her. I tried to hold a laugh but it just slipped as everyone joined in slowly as Robbie pulled me much closer to him feeling his warmth. "So, everyone mines tonight!" Robbie announced and we all cheered knowing we would cause havoc in anyway possible. I smiled just feeling happy I was myself around my outcasts. I was still surprised at how easily they accepted me with guidance from Robbie, I mean the group I use to be involved in made their life hell... every single day if they could. Now here I was, sharing private jokes and fitting in for the first time in my life.

We all separated heading to our classes and for me to head home as I didn't have a last period. I felt relaxed to know I would get away from the torment but home wasn't any better... My mum would probably have a group of her snobby friends round that constantly compete with one another and look down their nose at me just because I am no longer a mini them. My mum ignored me only talking to me when necessary, shows she doesn't really care and still can't accept my 'stupid' choice. My dad well he treats me like his daughter still what is nice to know he hasn't disowned me like my mum, but he will never understand me like he once did. You see my dad was recently put into a situation at work, making him lose his status leaving him without a job and know tries to work from home prompting a law firm. He hates it literally... I don't like seeing my dad in his shell but my mum still believes we are still the most respected family in the area, now I couldn't care on bit and if my mum holds any events I hang round with Robbie and the group or just him. Joining the group was and always will be the best choice of my life I swear..

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