Deltora Quest

A calm country DELTORA was smacked by the evil satan and will not be for given and there statrs thier quest for finding the missing Gems


2. Who is she?

Jojo's P.O.V

It was the Belt of Deltora!

"Wow!" I gasped.

"Yes, so please guard it carefully, honey.." Mom said.

"So now you're 16, and we're sending you on a quest to find all the 7 gems, and be restored (united) and be once again united with the 7 nations.." Dad said

"Okay, I promise I will finish the quest no matter what.." I declared.

And the quest starts by the way I haven't introduced Jeje (Jechonias) my company on the quest...

So we walked throughout the forest of silence and I ran to great guards.. Then to poisonfull species... And was unconcious. 'Til



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