Deltora Quest

A calm country DELTORA was smacked by the evil satan and will not be for given and there statrs thier quest for finding the missing Gems


1. The start of the quest

Jojo's P.O.V

Tok-tok-tok-tok... Jojo's dad was fixing the belt.

"Where are you, Jojo?" he asked.

"Jojo is at the market.." Mum said "It's his 16th birthday...remember?"

"You bet I do.." He answered.

"Hey, from now on no one will have this apple!" A GREAT Guard said...

"But I want some apples!" A little girl said.

SHH.... An apple came down from the tree and the little girl took the apple..

"That apple doesn't have a label on it, so it must be no one's!" I said

"How dare you.." Great guards said.

They started chasing me, and I ran off. Then I realized there was a dead end in front of me. I looked around, hopeless. Just then, a rope was being lowered down to me, and I pulled on the rope and dissappeared from the great guards sight and went home.


"Jojo!" Dad said, as I entered the house.

"What is it?" I replied.

"Open this box..." Dad said.

and I opened it and guess what was inside...

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