My best friend

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1. My best friend (bg) (bck ground)

 My Best friend

My best friend is Hanna,

And her grandma calls her banana.

She like to be friendly,

To my teacher Ms. Lee.

She lives far away in Bungur,

She eats her breakfast with Vigor.

She is in love with gymnastics,

She is finding a friend who is equally enthusiastic.

She is a huge fan of 1 Direction,

She even has a 1Direction infection.

She has gorgeous hair, 

And she plays fair…






One day Hanna came to my house,

Then she saw a huge mouse.

In a state of fright she screamed.

And she threw her bowl of cheese cream.

Then she found something in my room,

It was a big, fat, broom.

She took the broom and she smacked it down,

Missed the mouse, tripped on her gown.

She fell down,

With a frown.

So the mouse survived, its incident with Hanna,

While my mom conferred my best friend with a banana.




                                                                                                     Written by

                                                                                          Amadea Putri Chianiken



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