Love At First Site(harry styles fan fic)

what will 17 year old marie do when her parents pack up and leave on her suddenly she founds the boy shes been waiting for her.harry styles from one direction will love blossom or enemies get bigger
read and see!


2. Starbucks?

Walking down the street doing my normal routine i walked in to Starbucks and waited in line.


Maries POV:

As i stand there and wait i notice the person in front of me has the those curly locks i recognized them from somewhere as he orders and takes hes Tea he bumps into me spilling it all over me. OMG! i yelled looking down at my new peplum top. I ran straight the bathroom the boy following knowing he cant go into the ladies room he stands out there and waits.

Harry's POV: She was beautiful her gorgeous blue eyes that sparkled I knew we had chemistry but i had to blow it when i bumped into her. I follwed her to the front of the ladies room and waited as she walked out i apologized. She smiled with an Its Ok.I introduced myself and said Hi im Harry . She said I'm Marie shyly she told harry styles from one direction? i nodded and she looked like she was about to fangirl but kept it in.





AN:hey guys i will be uploading every wednesday this is my first fan fic so it might suck :3

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