the band

Jade and her best friend Katie/Kat get a phone call from someone famous. when those people meet up things get a little hectic, espiacally for jade when her abusive father rapes her the night she ran away from him.

hey guys tell me what you think it needs or what i should take away and i you like it or not


1. about us

Jade's POV

Hi my name is Jade Jones. I am a 19-year-old girl. my hair is a light brown and my best friend is Katie Tyler. she has light blonde, is 19-years-old and our favorite band is One Direction. My favorite is Zayn Malik the Bradford Bad Boy. Katie's favorite is Liam Payne the spoon hatin' sweetheart. Well at the moment i have a boyfriend called Luke Bagot. We have been going out for 8 months and even though he pushes we never get that far.

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