life with niall horan

you go to a concert and meet niall and you both fall deeply in love


2. the start of something


Niall  me and the boys had a concert to do in Sydney and we were getting ready and all i could think about was Yasmin i only real new her name but i really wanted to meet her, i had told the boys about her and said she was very pretty. while on stage i looked down into the mosh pit and there was Yasmin the girl i couldn't stop thinking about i was so happy she was at our show. we sometimes invite girls up on the stage and i told all the boys she was in the pit so they said that she could be the girl we make feel special so i call out her twitter name and up said came and she whisper in my ear saying "do you remember my message i sent you" with the most amazing smile i have ever seen and i said "how could i forget" smiling back. i then slipped my number into her pocket and i said "don't lose it babe" and smiled again, her eyes sparkled and a bigger and more beautiful smile was on her face and she went bright red and put her hair down.   Yasmin at this moment i felt my heart skip a beat and i just couldn't believe what just happen i was so happy and excited to meet Naill and the rest of the boys. after the concert i walked home with my friends Claire and Courtney and they both look at me with jelly looks i said what and giggled and them put Niall's number in to my phone and i texted him saying "hay its Yasmin XD" and i got a texts back as soon as i sent my text its was cute he said "thanks for keeping my number XD" and then my phone started to ring so i answer and my friends look at me like who is it tell us, i started talking the person on the phone i started saying "hey niall" my friends couldn't believe what just happen my friend Claire screamed in my ear and Courtney was speechless  Niall said in his rich Irish accent "hey you there babe, do you and your friends want to meet up with me and the boys at Nandos in 10" so i replied with "yes oh my god".  
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