life with niall horan

you go to a concert and meet niall and you both fall deeply in love


4. end XD


niall when me the boys got home i was asked about what happened so instead of talking i just got my beanie and put in on all the boys then knew what happened. then we all talked about the girls and fell a sleep at about 2:00am and when i wake up i went start to my phone and text Yasmin and we had talk about what happened  and i promise not to leave her if she was pregnant , but it was the day us boys had to fly back to England Ireland for me so i payed for  Yasmin's ticket so she could come with me. harry and Liam flow Claire and Courtney out too.   Yasmin  a week after moving to Ireland ( my family was gutted but they let me go ) i found out i was pregnant with Niall's baby i was happy and i came down the stares and looked at niall and smiled and said "niall you are now a father" niall was so happy he started to cry. i rang my family and they were all so happy for us and so was Niall's family.      *9 months later*    Yasmin  i was in labor and it was 4 hours long and niall was by my side the hole way though. then when she was born me and niall looked into each others eyes and kissed our baby summer. we called her summer because we meet in summer     niall i was so glad we have a babe now she is so cute  i just love her cute little face and she is my baby i was and still am happy to have her in my life, both of them    Yasmin  so that's how was meet summer .... no reply, summer, awwww niall and i said as we look down on our asleep sweetheart summer and niall carried her to her bed and we tucked her in for our 10 wedding anniversary we flow to Australia and visited my parents and they got to meet summer  for the first time   hope you all enjoy this XD oh and sorry about my spelling 
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