life with niall horan

you go to a concert and meet niall and you both fall deeply in love


3. continue


niall  so me and the boys went to Nandos and waited for the girls to arrive before ordering and when they got out of the car i was happy they were here i was staving and Yasmin looked like she was too. Yasmin and i ordered the for all of us and at the same time we ordered the peri peri chicken we both giggled and went red in the face.    Yasmin it was so cool to hang with the boys and get to know them better, Claire and harry looked so cutie together she has told me she had a big crush on him and it was cute to see them together. i was also happy for Courtney because her and Liam are much alike kind and always look out for others.  i suggesting we all go for a walk on the beach and everyone agree. on the beach Niall and i when out away from everyone and we were talking to each other under a tree, then Niall lent in for a kiss and i wanted this and so did he, so we passionately kissed and then one thing lent to another.  it was about 12:00 when we all decided to leave and i hugged all the boys and kissed niall on the cheek every one was like "oooooooooooo"  and again me and niall blushed. us girls waved good bye and we all got into my car drove of to my house and we were talking about what happened and again i went red when Courtney asked were niall and i went i said under that tree was use to sit under all the time when we were 5 and talked and they could see something else happen by my look and then i told them what happen and they were surprised and then we all when to bed and well i tried to sleep the other feel start to sleep.  
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